Monday, June 15, 2009


Southern Washington... Husum to be exact is where I'm hanging my hat for the summer. Already with 16 Little White runs and maybe 5 Green Truss laps, I couldn't be lovin' life more. Today I'm going out on the Little White to shoot and edit a cool section I've been thinking about for a while... I will try and get it up soon as I can. Here is a small sample platter to taste the beauty. Right before I went to Cali, I led a few people of Metlako Falls Which was a good time. Here are a few Photos to show our days work.

Stop and take some time to smell the flowers. Eagle Creek Trail. All right here comes the well written english everybody loves....

As the sun shone down upon us from the heavens, a glimmer set way from the pupil of my eye. Then all of the sudden, from across the canyon, a bird chirped the sweetest melody... and we "hucked" the falls with quaint angelic form.

I love Stouts.

Christy and myself in the pool... throwing the paddle was the way to go.

More Photos By Erik Boomer!

I have some more updates to throw up soon, but I don't want to overload the blogger-world with too many of um too quick. All is well.

Later E.G.

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Jesse Kodadek said...

Sick shot of the brown. Keep doin what you're doin and don't let us grayhairs get you down.