Monday, December 01, 2008

Rio Puesco Helmet Camera

The Puesco has been a best friend of ours on this trip. Many time we have made the drive from Pucon to Curarrehue to rally the upper 2 mile section of this classic. 2 days ago we went back and combined the upper and lower, like I did last year with Lj and Matt Wilson... This makes the Puesco about 8 miles of full on, non stop action. For sure one of the sweetest, cleanest boulder runs in the world. Enjoy this short edit from the Upper run... all the footage is shot off a gopro hero camera, gotta check those little guys out they kick ass. GOPRO SITE

Rio Puesco Helmet Cam from Evan Garcia on Vimeo.

A big thanks to the Liquid Logic boys Shane and Woody for that JefeGrande... stompin' those juicy drops.... don't you just wanna hop in there and kill it as well. hahaha

We just shot the whole Rio Palguin on helmet cam's so keep an eye out for the next little edit from Egcreekin and Demshitz.

Later E.G.


dis said...

Sweet E.G! What ever happened to the Green Truss helmet cam that you mentioned before you headed out to Chile? Look forward to seeing more...

Fred Norquist said...

its coming maybe????? i will try and get it up if i have the time to do some editing. yeah man glad you dug it there's a palguin one coming soon as well

Fred Norquist said...

that was evan not fred!