Friday, December 26, 2008

Manana Nilahue

We arrived the night before and decided at the time we should camp on the side of the road at the outlook for this huge falls.... After a few hours of tomando RonCola it seemed like a good idea.

In the morning we had no breakfast because someone broken all the eggs, and we used up all the gas for the stove the day before as well. There was nothing else to do other than huck the stout straight away. We felt marginal from the night events, but knew "When you're down run the Brown."

Rodrigo bombing first.... this was some high ass water for this drop it made it very exciting.

Coming down a bit further still holding some good angle to stay away from the cave on the left.

Jared and I followed Rodrigo and had good lines slightly boofing the rampping falls. I got my paddle ripped out of my hands, but found it in the pool to make a fast roll with. Then camp old David Fussili.....

Dave Fusilli's first ever run down this beast... impressive to say the least.

Hahahahaha FrankenBrine!!!!! He was all good though.

It was an exciting session on the Nilahue for sure. We all got kinda punished in some fashion, this drop means business when there is some good juice coming down off of Lj's lip. Run # 4 for old E.G. off this big boy....

Boats all loaded up ready to head up north to the Rio Fuy.

Thanks to Mike Shields for the photos.

Later E.G.

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Fred Norquist said...

Frankenbrine!!!!!!!! that night was a dousy