Saturday, June 09, 2007

Waterfalls of the Dinky Creek

Its been too long since I have updated my blog, but it's not because I havent been kayaking. I have been so busy going to rivers and boating that I have not even had the time to get to my computer. I left my house after graduating high school and winning the mens belt buckel in the Best in the West rodeo this year. I spent a total of 20 hours at home before getting in my Subi and driving 16 hours to met my friend Justin Patt for the Dinky creek. 1300 miles from my front door later I reached Ross's crossing after being lost for a bit due to fuzzy memories from last year.

Me on the second part of the huge triple drop boofing the froth.

Tucking through the kickers on Willie's drop oh baby light my fire???

Mr. Patt going backwards down the Tiering Monster after watching me run this one twice (once backwards)

Dinky Creek has proved to be my favorite run in California. The pool drop nature and sickest drops ever have me at hello. Nothing in my mind beats this river. A long shuttle is needed but it beats the heel out of carrying your boat up the river. It was just the two of us on this run and I had done it last July with Lane Jacobs and My older Brother Ian so we went fast and safly down stream past the normal camp to a crazy tight slot into a huge hole, which was where we camped. The hike in maybe took a half hour of some manzaneda infested trails where I almost stepped on a rattler. Between the putin and our camp lies some of the biggest and cleanest drops ever!!! All stacked right on top of eachother. Willie's drop, Cirtin call, Tripler, Camp Slide, Tiering Monster, and so many more drops are all in a row ready to be run for the most enjoyable day of kayaking that can be had. We finished off the short second day with running the biggest drop of the river (the one Niki Kelly smashed herself on)

Justin on Niki's drop ready to make contact with the wall.

The 25 foot perfect cirtin drop which is right below a perfect 20 footer, get some.

We got to the take out at around noon only to run shuttle and end up back in the San Joaquin valley dizzy from wondering what it is about people that make them not go do fun and beautiful things in the mountains instead of living their lives sheltered in cities and lights. For me this summer is more about what I stand for and want out of living than a kayak trip. Going out and throwing your self into the wild not know what is going to happen, weather or not you will run out of gas in the middle of no where, or crash your car down a steep embankment because the forest service locked the gate to the putin. Thats what its all about going on a sick adventure and this markes the start of my summer of freedom and kayaking. Take it easy E.G.


Davis aka GOD said...

Sickness EG! Looks like an epic summer. I just hit up the Wyoming Whitewater Championships that Kyber kid edged me out for first by two points. Heard about Ian, no bueno. I guess im headed to Africa next year, too. Adios Amigo.

JRO said...

Damn dude sounds like you are havin one hell of a summer! Keep it up and come out to colorado!
John O

the badass motherfucker said...

damn, that justin kid looks like a badass. he looks like a workhorse though. i hear he is a workwhipped bitch