Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bald Rock Canyon

This is a great clean run with only one mandatory portage. I spendt the night at a friendly locals house, I think his name is Eric but I'm not sure, he's the man for putting us up for a few nights. The run starts off with some fun mellow ledges and cool high volume rapids. Atom bomb falls is the big legendary portahe that marks the begining of the goos stuff. After that come great class 5 rapids with a nice 25 footer in there some where.

Rusty Sage running the much loved Cirtin Falls in the heart of the gorge.

Taylor running a big rapid named something to do with hell and death.

Taylor Robertson led our big group down and knew the river very well. I got to boat with my good friend Shon Bullock who lives in Mount Shasta. He came to WCKA foe the Chile semester and is the cool home dog ever. The canyon is truly amazing and worthly even without the miles of good rapids. Devin Knight forgot his helmet and was forced to hike out of the Milsap Bar road becuase his girld friend drove away with his gear. At the lake we had beer, food, and a house boat waiting for us to drive the 13 miles out on the lake to our cars.
Shon on the portage of Atom bomb falls a big sieve lies ready to kill down stream.

Bald Rock is an epic day I only portaged once and some only three times. My first of many runs I want to do in the Feather drainage but all the water disappeared so early that I headed back to Coloma the following morning to met some friends for some GG action. Later E.G.

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