Saturday, June 09, 2007

Portageless Decent of Golden Gate

Yep ran that sickness with getting out of my kayak and walking around a rapid. Drain pipe, Stright shot, Taco bell, Brain Fade, The Rose, All F***ed up, and F-111 are all the biggest rapids but there is 10 miles of quality whitewater. It was a good day. I met a group of Kiwi's in Coloma the day I got back from Oroville and talked myself into another day in a row of class 5 kayaking. No media on this run but it was a good time and the begining of a 3 kiwi's and a guy named Evan trip. We ate some In n' out Burger and created our epic idea of kayaking as much as possible and getting out of Coloma to do so. Later E.G.

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erik johnson said...

its erik evan keep running the shit.. nate and i have been holing it down here and are leaving for idaho ...but hen we get back were are ready to step it up...we all thought we might goto kootni and mesa..but that big t race just went down and the biggest suprise is their was no carnage..but i guess logans friend mike won it but be safe and get back soon because i wanna go crikin

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