Sunday, May 06, 2007

World Championships of "THE WORLD"

T.Faux bouncing huge for a 2nd place finish in the womens finals.
Me #59 in the ahh part of a pan am on my way to first in the finals
Me using the tow rope to get out on to the wave another part of the event that added a new element for some competitors.
Andrew Holcomb getting off the water for his 9th place finish in the mens simi finals.
Marlow Long hanging a clean out huge in the perlims steezy skillilz.
Me clean blunting in the simi finals.

Just on my way home from the Ottawa river right now I'm stuck in the airport in the heartland of America. For the last 10 days I have been staying at Wilderness Tours and competing in worlds. I didn't really have much training for the event due to the lack of time in my playboat and amount of time creeking in California but I still pulled off the win over the rest of the worlds jr. men. I had to use a friends boat and skirt while competing because of a lack of organization skills packing for the trip. The competition was set up in a good format for a big wave comp. The prelims were 4 rides best 2 counted. Simi's were 2 best 1 was taken. Finals were 3 rides best counted for the win. Overall it was a good time and I'm totally excited that I took first now I am off the graduate high school this weekend then I'm back off to California for the summer loving. late EG


Team KayakPucon said...



Balls Deep Davis said...

Shit that is some balls deep shit! I've been looking for video of the Junior Men for like 3 days. Well congrats. It's too bad I wasnt there to compete so you could have some real competition. Well, see ya at Best in the West. and I figured out how to do those silly flashbacks today so im stoked.

balls deep sam said...

hot balllls, thats crazy!

Bobby said...

Nice Work Evan,
Igar called to tell me on Friday night. I didnt realize you were borrowing gear and still won! That is so classic! Have a great time at graduation, see you sometime this summer.
Bobby J

Anonymous said...

yeah boy! nice work at worlds, i was fired up when ian told me you took it. congrats. come out to cali this summer so we can run the shit again!!

Brett said...

dude you are by far the best kayaker that I know. anyways, congrats and I will see you in missoula this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love you. This is Mrs. Mershown. Maybe sometime we could hook up. I dont know if you into the older woman loving but im a ton a love if you know what i mean... eh.. eh... I just wish my bastard hippie son would go away so i could confess my love this weekend to the public but i promised i wouldnt embarass him at his graduation day. YOU ARE THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE. I JUST WISH I COULD HAVE A PIECE OF THE WORLD CHAMPION.

Anonymous said...

Evan, Evan, Evan buddy we havent talked in ages. Im just sitting here enjoying some Frank Sanatra thinking of you while shipping on some fine malt liquoir. Oh by the way, this is Tyler. I have loved you (literally) since "The Flow" hit the shelves at my local porn store. Maybe we could hit the town you know, just you and me. Anyways call me right away im ansy to meet with you again. Its been ages.

Mrs. ekstrom said...

This is mrs ekstrom. I saw that you did really well in the Best in the West kayak competition. I think you are a great kayaker and amazingly handsome. I wish you would give up all of this silly kayaking bussines though to come and live a life of hot swedish desire with me. I noticed while you were changing that you were hung like a gerbal but this does not matter to me. Having Mikeal as a son i am used to getting plugged by small packages. but this is besides the point. I do not think i can go much longer in anticipation of seeing you again. Well i must go because I have to go draw pictures of you in the nude.
I love you Mr Garcia
I love you'r american ways and sexy tight butt

Mrs. Ekstrom