Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Golden Gate Redemption

Yesterday we woke up and ate a good breakfast preparing us for a good day on the river. After last years run of GG, when we had way to much water and almost the entire run was a big portage and sneek route, I was a little worried about returning. We drove to Pullock Pines and met Lil' Dave to run shuttle. We put on the river around noon and had a pretty low flow. Maybe around 500-800 cfs in the canyon. A little class IV leads up to the first big drop Drain pipe. At this level it was a fun slide into a hole into another slide.The top of Drainpipe after about a mile of class IV.

After this point the run kind of blurs together. There are tons of good rapid all the way down the run. The bigger drops that stand out are numerous including: Stright shot, Brain fade, taco bell, rose, all fucked up, F-111, and some more that I can't name. Bill hanging out at Taco Bell.

Lil' Dave blasting through the bottom of Brain fade

F-111 looking a bit different from last time after sliver creek kicked in 1000cfs alone.

There were some rowdy rapids and some interesting lines across the board, which made a fun and entertaing day of cali creekin' for everyone. After we arrived to the take out and shuttle was run we hit the world famous Tiajuna Tacaria. CHECK!!! another classic, what a place california is. Take care E.G.

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