Friday, March 30, 2007

Cherry Creek

Cherry creek is one of my new classic favorite runs in the world. The flow was around 1400 cfs at the put in and 1800 at the take out. The water was a bit chilly but it was a beautiful sunny day and about 70 degrees outside. The water level seemed perfect to make everything soft and padded.

Me dropping in to the last drop of Mushroom rock rapid.

Billy Boylan at the same spot hitting the move to the right to avoid the big hole.

The run was full of good drops with big holes and sick boofs everywhere. The run surprised me quite a bit. I was stoked to get on something with lots of water and gradient. The best drops were Mushroom, Lewis's leap, and Lumsden Falls.
I was a little nervous to get a look at Lumsden because of all the stories of the rapid being huge and V+ and sketchy. We ran the Flat rock rapid and took a look at the beast. Justin Patt and I ran it and both had sick lines to finish a great day of boating.

Justin dropping into the top of Lumsden falls looking good and staying left.

Me in the mist of the biggest rapid of the run. One of the best and biggest boulder rapids out there.

The rest of the run is maybe 1.5 miles of class III-IV until you reach the take out. A great run which I hope to do many more time this summer. Now we are at the South American and hoping for some south silver and golden gate. Later E.G.


Anonymous said...

ooohhhh your cool EG aren't you... running those big rapids... My mom ran those last year!!!!

E.G. said...

yeah but your moms the best i would know from some dam good times i've shared with her. but she likes running thing first so i just get behind her and take her up the rear....mostly. eg

Team KayakPucon said...

What sap evan, dude youare the man, I love to see your blog dude, you and Ian are a incredibles kayakers, countinue like that dude...
Rodrigo your chilean dude...