Saturday, March 03, 2007

LLancaghue and pics

after returning from our nilahue mission i looked on the internet to see that the other part of my group that had gone south to the rio baker was having an epic time with perfect waterlevels and the monster take out wave surfing perfect. damn. but it wasnt that bad i had run multiple massive waterfalls and been enjoying every minute of it. the first is from the middle llancaghue river that has been looked at many time but still has no takers just the first 60 footer and this perfect 30 footer that we ran. that same day we also made it to the rio fuy and looked closely at salto de la puma a huge 80 footer that is runable but the entrance was just a little to stout for any of us to be the first taker.
then a few more classic runs brought me back to the middle palguin for a second run on the 70 footer that we first decented two weeks ago. the down fall came as my paddle exploded and i took a swim. not to bad and always good to put you in check. after myself gerd sarrasoles gave and his paddle broke as well. another expensive day, but all in good fun. but here are some more photos from the last couple weeks.

ian g


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yeeeea garcia

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fuckin alkie, badass drops