Monday, February 26, 2007

Salto de Nilahue

two night ago we drove our selves through the night and found ourselves in a disco until 5 in he morning outside lago ranco. we awoke after only 3 hours of sleep and drove up to salto de nilahue. it was first run last year by LJ and trip and can be seen in EP Epicocity Project. but shortly after their decent the waterfalls second tier collapsed leaving it as a 60 to 65 footer sliding entrance, with a very scary cave on the bottom left.
but with Rodrigo, Cris, and i(ian) we stepped up to the challenge and plugged her deep, for a first d of the new drop. eventually ill put together some cool sequences and post them but here are a few photos.


Anonymous said...

Dammmnnn...that drop looks so sic! And alot much friendlier at this level. the elder garcia's drunken escapades finally pushed the limits a little too far with some chico. I am guessing a Piscola o.d.?? wish I could have been a witness.


Anonymous said...

gringos estan locos, cuando quieran piscolas ya saben donde ir ..... lago ranco discotheque amancai.....