Saturday, February 24, 2007

futaleufu and back

after a week in pucon running some waterfalls i took off and headed south to meet up with the boyz. the crew was big and hurting from the night before as it was rush´s birthday. the whole gang along side patrick, rush, ligare, katie scott, marlow, and tanya. when we arrived the water was on the high side but in a few days it had dropped to levels so low i had never seen the river like that. it was great to get out of the hectic area of pucon where i had recieved a massive black eye and swollen face after a bar fight. but then after a week of great play i headed north in one of the most screwed up journies that took 3 days to get from futa back to pucon, usually i can do it in a single day. thank god i wasn´t alone as my sanity was being tested hard. but here are a few more photos and something better to look at.

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