Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mekong Photos

Here is the photo dump from our Mekong visit. There are tons more shots but the internet here is a little slow. Enjoy the picture and a Salween upadte shoulod be up tonight with some good playboating shots. By the way your truly is now a man. Yes I'm 18 years old now, I celebrated on the 12th and now I can by all the good stuff; cigeretts, porn, zig zags, dip, I truly feel old now.

This is the first big rapid of the upper gorge on the Mekong a few of us ran it with varying sucsess. its bigger than it looks! Possible first decent?

Here is Dave Zinn in the same rapid, this is a good shot for size. He's just a tini lil guy about to go into a big flat hole.

This mack daddy hole is the exit to the big drop on the lower Moon gorge. It's goes it's just a matter of sackin' up and doin' it!! The enterence is the tricky part and it's right above this punch.

Mount Cowacarpa the tallest peak in this range and area. 22,500 feet tall it was quite the sight.

Sorry for the sideways picture, but its worth a look at. This was our view from the window of the place we stayed at in You Bong at the top of the hike we did. Thats a 22,000 foot peak right out our back door. Pretty cool place and the culture of the people and village was amazing to see first hand.

Later E.G.


adriene said...

happy f-ing birthday young man. im so glad that you are doing well. i miss you lots!!! im glad to hear that china has been treating you well. asheville is alrite i think im going to become a lesbian i cant have a real boyfriend i hate boys right now.

mardiggity said...

happy just regular old birthday, a little late. hard to believe you are an actual adult, whatever that means. see you in the spring. and, hey, who was your English teacher anyway? and how come she didn't teach you how to spell?