Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Zen Wave: Salween River

After we completed the upper sections of the Nu Jiang river we moved down stream to a small Chinese village where we spent the last week of our trip boating the best whitewater yet. We had a 8 km long run with t ons of sick play and big rapids. The best wave we found on the Salween was given the name Dredger, due to the Chinese boats with cables suspending across the river in both of the eddies. The wave has a huge surging right shoulder and solid foam pile. We sessioned that spot for a few days before heading up to the run to drop into some big holes. Doin' the cirtcy thing on the Dredger. Photo@LJ GrothJustin Patt porn star NEVCOK kayaker doing his thing. Photo@LJ GrothJoel Kowalski hitting a huge backside Cali roll 582 style. What a sick a** wave!! Photo@ Adam Elliott

The run had 7 bigger drops on it, including 2 great hole punches. The last rapid was just two phaty holes you had to charge through. 9 runs on it 9 surfs. It was a goodie.Polk Deters on the top hole of the last big rapid of the run. Look at the focus and determination, he's fired up like a spider monkey high in the canopy looking for dinner, if you know what I mean. Photo@ Alex Daggle.

After the last day on the Zen Wave run we started our 4 day travel from the Salween home. Lots of bus rides, planes flights, waiting in airports, and a sleepless night in Washington I made it home and back to the great land of American food, blound women, and sitter toliets, it's a beautiful thing. I be heading to California in a week or so and I'm ready for some good hard creek boating to wake me up from my China trip.

Arounious on both charges
Later E.G.


JP said...

i have to say evgar, you are one of the most hideous spellers that i have ever seen. haha. we drove to bakersfield and got home this afternoon. that first baja fresh was so damn good. the new boats look fuckin sick. the agent is fuckin HUGE. thanks for the pic man.
ps erronious

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Rich (UK) said...

Hey dude, those rivers sound awesome in China- would you mind getting in touch to share some beta as I'm planning a trip to Tibet this summer and am interested in the Salween, Mekong and Yangtze. I'm on, couldn't find your email on the blog so if you'd drop me a line that'd be massively appreciated.

Take it easy,