Friday, April 06, 2007

South Silver

Justin Patt porn staring it out on the last tea cup.

Yesterday being the 4th of April we went up the SF American and hit South Silver. We were expecting fairly low flow up that high in the mountains, but with the blasting California sun hitting the slopes the last week the level was actualy pretty high. There was still snow up in the drainage but there was not enough to stop us from getting to the parking lot where we started to hike. The road to the put in is still snowed in but the hike from the bottom is worth it. We hiked up to the top of the tea cups and started our laps of the classic steep section of drops and slides.

Billy looking quite primal on the last boof.

Billy running Sky scraper in the afternoon light.

It has got to be one of the best feelings ever to be at the top of this set of drops ready to boof all the way to the bottom of off ramp. The rest of the run everyone knows all about I'm sure. This is one of the most classic granite water parks on earth.

Me on the second tea cup on our first lap.

Me at the bottom of Skyscraper after lap 2.

Justin catching some air on off ramp.

This is a must run...period. It is a run that makes me love kayaking. If you are starting to get bored, just come do this run and it will be like your first waterfall all over again. It's da bomb!!! We got some beautiful HD video of this ruun so there may just be a cali video coming soon. Today I had a good session at 1st Threat on Chilly Bar, so we had a mellow day planning for the next mission. Later E.G.


Bobby Jackson said...

Are you still in school? Is this the new WCKA curiculum?! Yeah man, keep tearing it up out there!

Davis aka God of the Earth said...

Yo, Evgar
Did you hear about the Big T race in June?