Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Early Season Colorado

With the slowly warming temps and the end of April upon us we have started paddling. Fluffy Muffin a super sick hole on the upper black canyon of the gunnison has been consistantly in and has provided some great entertainment as we are finishing the school year out.

We have also been slightly pushing our luck with the M wave. due to massive amounts of sediment that have piled up in the canal below the wave we are stuck waiting for the wave to change back to its epic green self, but until then it looks like we will continue to get throttled by the massive pile that scares the shit out of most who are willing to paddle out on to it.

Otherwise little bits of creeking have begun running such as escalante creek near delta and a few others.

Only other news would come from two weeks ago in Reno NV where jonny meyers won the collegiate nationals freestyle competition and Lane Jacobs took the overall winning the boater cross and taking third in the freestyle.


Bobby said...

I hope you are enjoying the end of your first year at Western. Are you in Bozeman this Summer helping Tugboat? Have fun for the rest of Spring. Give John Scott a shout for me.

Anonymous said...

dude evan,
you must come back and run big t with me see ya at best in the west.....

erik j