Thursday, April 19, 2012


There are many reasons why we do the things we do...we all have desires, fears, love, hate, confusion, and passion that tie in to each and every decision we make. All of us choose what feelings play what roles in the actions we are a part of. What exactly makes a choice right or wrong...that is up to you. I believe that positivity is different for every person. Curtain things I think of as positive, others may find offensive or completely wrong. I have been doing some thinking about what it takes to be a full time kayaker and at the same time, a positive member of society. In my past I have been on the edge of what most people would think of as a responsible and reasonable person...but I think that plays a part in being the man I am today.

Kayaking has taken me to some wild places and confronted me with many challenges. What I've began to realize is more of those obstacles are off the river, not on. I love kayaking far to much to consider a hard rapid or a tiring portage a challenge. That's my life and what I dream about all day, so it's not a task, rather an opportunity. The challenges come in when I mix my insanely powerful passion for the sport into my everyday life with the outside world. Interacting with people who don't have a clue what I do or don't give a rats ass about it, can make simple things difficult. I have been so intertwined in the kayak world and lifestyle for so long now that when I step out, I am challenged to be a happy and positive person.

 What does this mean?... Leave planet earth and go to Boofenland? I wish, but that's not option. None of us are making much money in the sport. The longer I commit to being a whitewater athlete, the less time I have to start a career or find a real job. This is where I have to gather my feelings and make choices that will not only benefit me in the present moment, but also the future. Does this mean I'm going to quit kayaking to go make lots of money...NEVER! I am just trying to find a balance in my life and some sort of exterior stability or like Tupac said, "A Thug's Mansion" where I can go once my life becomes less "BROWN"!

 I want to be a kayaker forever...I can foresee myself running the White Salmon, North Fork Payette, Futaleufu, and Cherry Creek for decades to come. It's truly the love of my life. With how hard we are going these days decision making skills are almost as important as the paddling skills. I have to be in it for the right reasons. Personal goals and Fun! These days I'm trying to make money kayaking, but I really don't want to turn boating into a "JOB". I want to do what I do, because I know I can stick it, and I am going to have a hell of a time doing it. That doesn't mean I'm not going to take risks and maybe hurt myself on the path I choose. All that means is I'm going to do my best to leave my ego behind and boat as hard as I can for all the right reasons.

So I know it's 2012 and none of this is going to matter when the world ends on the 21st of December, but this is something for everyone to think about. Kayaking is a full on ego driven sport, and I am a part of the game. I love how it works, when I see something big or amazing happen, it pushes me to go out and do the same. I want to draw my line where I stop going out and pushing myself for fun and rather for a pro-status or bragging rights. I make movies about kayaking hard whitewater, but I boat 100% with my heart and soul, I suggest doing the same. It truly is my religion...Church!

Here are some shots I just edited and want to put up!

Ryan "Baby Bird" Lucas enjoying the friendly mosquitos of the Californian highlands

Ben Marr running one of the best drop of the North Fork of the American, California.

A sequence shot of my 2012 line of Cascada Bonito in Argentina.

Throwing the ever so awesome "brown" off one of the best boofs in the world. Rio Nevado, Chile!

Layin' Treats on the biggest drop of the Rio Turbio in Pucon, Chile.

Lane Jacobs getting through the Box canyon of the Clarks fork in Wyoming.

Sam Friehofer on the edge of Toketee Falls in Umpqua, Oregon.

Todd Well eating sh*t off his baby...Skate Park Falls, Summit Creek, WA.

Baby Bird in the after the 4th descent of Twin Sisters on Fostall Creek, BC.

Dj Stoneman on the 5th Descent of Lower Pinkston Falls, BC. 

2007 lap number two with the Kiwi Crew on West Cherry Creek, CA.

One of the most tranquil and beautiful pieces of water  in the world...Nymph Pool, Tatlow Creek, BC.

 Later E.G.


Todd Wells said...

Hell Yeah E.G, that was a good read. Lots of soul in that one, can't wait for the next adventure...

jakes said...

awesome post man. I feel you for sure. that kind of attitude permeates much of the extreme sport world. corporate pressure and fame definitely try and gobble us up. Staying true to the love and doing it for the right reasons, is truly the only way to stay safe out there and keep it coming from the heart!

Unknown said...

Amesome read, it is amazing how diferent our worlds are, and how similar. Kayakers like me work and raise our families and dream most of the day about kayaking. Is funny how recently there's a growing debate in my click on why we kayak. Some think it's just to get our ticket punched. Others truly believe its to feed the soul. The one common thing is, no matter what we think, we all still come out and get in our boats together. For me adventure is not building a paddling resume, I'm happy paddling the green river narrows every weekend for the rest of my life. For me the adventure is going. I imagine a Christian feels the same way every Sunday when he or she gets up to go to church. Being raised in the the south I remember being forced to go to church, I remember how excited my folks and church members got on sunday to go worship their god. I never really felt that excitement. Matter of fact I hated going. It wasn't until big D called me and told me he was buying a kayak and I should go that I felt that excitement. Ever sense I've progressed to the point where I can run class 4-5 and now I feel that same excitement I use to see on the church goers faces. I know I'm seen as a sinner because I rather spend my Sunday scouting a class 5 drop, and conversing with friends on weather or not we are going to give it a go. But they don't understand the passion we share for whitewater. If there is a god then I can't imagine him really wanting us to spend our time and money on gathering together to see who can impress who. What I do know is I will never be a pro boater, and with a beautiful family I've never really even had a desire too. But what will always do for the rest of my life, is get up on Sunday, and go to church!

It is the few like you that continue to inspire the masses who love this sport to keep charging and keep learning!
So for your fans sake, keep the brown coming and keep the videos coming! Bombflow is my fav sitcom and while most wait for the next season of their favorite show to come on, I wait like thousands for the next bombflow episode to drop!!

Anonymous said...

E.G. I enjoy watching the kayaking (only the kayaking, lifestyle shots are ridiculous) but yelling "CHURCH" constantly seems to come off as if you and your group is just mocking it. "BROWN" "WINNING" now "CHURCH" I just wonder what word to yell next.
Maybe it should be "CURTAIN" because you seemed to have spelled certain wrong.
Stick with kayaking because your speech is weak.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous above has never felt the feeling of being part of the tribe...
But "CURTAIN" is a nice idea...

E.G. said...

I love how over the years "anonymous" people continue to come on my blog/boating journal, read my honest words, and talk crap about my crew, how we like to express ourselves, and live our lives...i'd love to know your names, because most likely I know you in someway. I'd also like to tell you that; this post, the kayaking I do, and my love for life is so far over your head that you have no idea how to take it...common hater in my won't ever come close to my level with that attitude. -Evan

Anonymous said...

Calm down there Garcia, everyone is not going to like you and what you do. Get over that fact. Also if you do not want people posting on here, make it private.
Enjoy this video because I know you will. Maybe the next word for your crew should be "HATERS".

E.G. said...

and say that my hair ain't luxurious, cuz you know it is...I want people to post comments, I like getting the community riled up...Ammons style! keep posting and i'll keep Browning!

Better than Anonymous said...

lAnonymous is just an insecure religous nutsack. If you werent such a douche people might want to paddle and party with you but probably not...Dont be jealous because no one likes you and you cant boof. His speech is weak? He wasnt speaking but typing so that would be spelling, ass.

dnelson7769 said...

I LoL'd at the guy above. What you do day to day is inspiring to so many people out there. When I see you stick a sick line it just gives me more motivation to step up and try something big. Broth on and off the river. You go big in what you love. Don't let the haters get you down because they want to be you. Keep doing what you love.

Daniel Menten said...

In an effort to keep this comment list from descending into some sort of "surf video on youtube" bickering, allow me to press on a couple of points you missed Evan.
I'm not questioning your ability, because you are at the top, but what happens when you turn 60, or 70 and can't run the "Brown" anymore. Our fascination with whitewater runs deep, thats for sure, but a love for kayaking is so much more than that.
You know it as well as I do that some of the greatest river moments of the "Gnarly" high-sierra runs come when the rivers enter beautiful placid meadows. Old-growth trees all around and not a rapid in sight, but sooooo IRIE!
What happens when you have kids, and want to take them kayaking, will you start them on the brown? All kayakers start and finish with something less than the Little White, North Fork, and Upper Cherry--don't forget that.
Consider this analogy: I like to go surfing, but when I show up at the beach and the waves aren't worthy, I consider it getting skunked. However, millions of people go to the beach everyday, not to go surfing, and they aren't getting skunked. They are simply enjoying the beauty of being alive in nature and the wonder of hanging out at the beach. The same can be said for folks who like to hang out by the river, not kayak it.
Problem is you and me are so entrenched in our sicko mindsets that we can't get off on normal everyday moments without roosting off a 50 footer church style, or getting barrelled.
Don't forget that most of your readers aren't class V+ huckers like yourself. Don't forget that life is precious and we need to see the positive in all that surrounds us. And keep charging you sick bastard!

Paul Gamache said...

You're a sick paddler Evan but when you start throwing out the "you won't ever come close to my level with that attitude" it kills whatever you've got going on.

Not trying to call ya out but there's a lot of boaters who are getting pretty tired of the Brown Claw, Winning, Church, etc etc etc shit in every kayaking film that comes out. Makes it not even worth watching sometimes. Can't people just paddle anymore with out trying to show everyone how cool they are?

That said man the footage and style you're capturing is some of the best shit I've ever seen. And it inspires me and I'd imagine a lot of others to get after it. So please keep getting after it just remember a little humility goes a long way to have people give a shit.

But who really cares what I think.

Best of luck on the NF race bro, you know I'll be there cheering you on.

E.G. said...

thanks for posting dan and paul. i respect you guys as paddlers and people...

first off when i said "reach my level" I meant that as in my level of happiness with who i am and what i do, not my level in my kayak. I could have been more detailed in that.

and dan you are totally right i love being on any river, it just so happens that right now where i shine and love to be the most is with in the gnar. Once upon a time I got this same feeling surfing my local waves on the yellowstone...and i'm sure like I stated in the original post...once my life is less "brown" i'll be happy as a hippo cruising down salmon, futa, and lochsa!

I said nothing egotistical in my original post: all i was trying to say is that i love kayaking, I'm trying to become a better person, and make smart decisions for the future. Thanks for reading and caring let's go boating!!!!

What the Chuck said...

Yo Evan,

Old Dog here -- here's some perspective to understand some of the others.

When you fly all over the world boating, some really important things happen to your brain. It CAN get bigger, but what really happens is it gets more well-connected. And what happens when that happens? Well your sense of time, as well as distance gets fundamentally different from the folks you left behind. For you, when you get off the plane in Santiago, it's no different for you than getting off the plane in SF. And I'll bet if I asked you how long it would take you to get ready for an all-expenses paid trip to Argentina, maybe 46.5 minutes?

And making the decision to pack for the Baker? In your head, the Baker is in your own personal backyard.

But most folks live lives where the idea of visiting Disney World for the Fuller Brush conference is a lifetime adventure that requires six months on the couch planning. And cruising to the Costco across town is something that requires extensive consultation before making that cross-town trip.

Here's the thing, young Jedi -- for you, it's all about the experience, and the relationships. But most folks, especially outside the boating community, it's all about the Coach bag sale at the outlet mall.

So when the Haters start hating, though it's hard, look past it. My NF Payette days are behind me, but I always used to think of running Class V also as the ultimate version of Church. Because I got to SEE GOD on a regular basis! And next time you're on the Lochsa, give a nod to the old geezer boater in a red Tornado in the eddy. That'll be me! Keep charging! My kids are running around the house, doing Brown Claw and watching the rivers rise!

Anonymous said...


This is the anon poster who initiated the great deluge last year in response to "chasing wealth". I just want to say that I really enjoyed reading your post and it is obvious that you are breaking through the skin of a young gnar seeker and into the big wide world that is just packed with shades of grey everywhere you look.

You speak your mind and what comes out is genuine and honest. And you're the most fun paddler in the world to watch in video. Kayaking is my church too brother.

Don't sweat the people who can't handle the lingo. You can't take yourself too seriously.


madison Salsgiver said...

Anyone that sees you as anything other than inspiring has got it wrong. Since I started kayaking, I've always looked up to you in hopes of doing the same things you do. Your videos are the best I've seen and the social aspect of them makes them relatable! It's fun to see what else you guys do. People that say those things about you probably don't have something like this to be so passionate about. Kayaking is what I'm always thinking about and I'm too young to have my own adventures around the world yet so it's like living through you until I can! I've been paddling a little less than a year and with all of the dedication I've put in I've been on some amazing things and pushed what others thought possible for me so young. It's people like you that keep the dream alive. You're an inspiration to many people, especially the younger community and I hope to one day paddle with you. Keep on living