Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting LW-ular!

The Past 4 days in a row myself and a solid group of paddlers have been lapping the Little White Salmon at 4.1-3.9 feet on the bottom gauge. Putting in at the Willard bridge and running the Upper/Lower LW is one of the best and most amazing things you can do in a kayak. The river drops close to 2,000feet in less than 5 miles. It is an endless ride of frothy white goodness from top to bottom! Here are a few Go Pro freezezzzzzz for y'all to enjoy.
Mushroom of the crux's of the Upper LW!

Coming hot into Simon Says...the most technical rapid on the river right now!

The new entry duck into Island Drop.

High Water Spirit Routing!!!!!

Love seeing thisssssssssssss 4.0!

Later E.G.

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