Saturday, April 21, 2012

BFTV EPISODE 9 "go to church"

Here is the ninth installment of Bomb Flow TV!!!! This episode feature Fred and I spending some time with the infamous BDP crew in Hood River OR and the surrounding area. This crew truly thinks of kayaking as going to church...a place of worship to what they believe in. With heavy March rains many of the big dawg water falls in the area where full of water...some for the first time in years! Watch this 24 minute episode of us romping around and going as big as we could for those two weeks! Enjoy and share this video with as many people as you can...

Bomb Flow TV Episode 9 "Go to CHURCH" from BombFlowTV on Vimeo.

Later E.G.


Ford said...

Evan, First and foremost… thanks to you and the crew for the some impressive material. BTW this is coming from another "old guy" some thoughts I had while paddling today….Disclaimer my paddling roots are from Id..Ho so via some common connections I am a fan 4 sure. So, what you will find out there are those that are jealous of success , people spend fortunes of time and money, and most of all just play'n busting ass to be good @ what they do, Funny thing is people love to kick you down any chance they get for obvious reasons. Never EVER APOLOGIZE for having PASSION, there are millions of medicated Zombies out there in the World, I'm mostly sure no matter what your endeavors are in your life you will always charge with passion. Those that whine about your "jargon" and style can kiss your ass, It's "your" style brutha, It will change as you grow in life, but @ the end of the day it's always going to be you, Do not ever apologize for being yourself. In closing all I would ask is that you guys charge on with meticulous caution, I't would crush all of us if any one of you guys ever end up in a chair. Cheers Brutha, keep the goods coming.

George said...

Evan, I don't know if you read these but I figured I would drop a comment and ask a question I've been wondering for a while. I am interested to know what you guys are using for a stern mount for your cameras. It appears to be a carbon fiber tube of some sort but I can't work out the mounting and everything else. I'm looking to install one on my boat and wanted to inquire as to what you guys are using. Any information would be greatly appreciated.