Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FutaFest 2011

Futa Fest is a competition, gathering, and party all to celebrate the pure epicness of the Rio Futaleufu in Patagoina, Chile. Futafest started in March of 2009 and has been a huge event ever since. The first year I attended the comp and had one of the best experiences at any festival ever. Taking top honors in all events I was stoked and wanted to come back asap...Last season (2010) I went to Peru on a tourist vacation and didn't make the event...this year it was a no brainer! I along with Anton and Dave Meyers made the drive from Pucon to Futa to enjoy the beautiful river and amazing event. This year like the last was a complete success! It really went off and everyone who attended totally made the party and competitions what they was all about the community and river! A celebration of what makes the place so special. Make sure to check out Patagonia Sin Represas to show support in the effort to stop the damming of the Futa.

There were three events;

Boater cross- Three checkpoints and cross the line at the end of Mundaca first.
Downriver- Mass start bridge to bridge race...simple!
Rodeo- Who can get the most beat down in a massive hole.

There was no training on my part, but I was stoked to try and do well, so I raced hard! There was a lot of good paddlers and a lot of competitions, but in the end it was all good times and fun! The results are as follow;


1st- Santiago
2nd- Evan
3rd- Mo Mo


1st- Ron
2nd- Evan
3rd- Julio


?????????-never found out?

Now enjoy the Photos from all the albums on facebook...most of the shots are from Fico and Pura Vida expeditions.

The Trophies for the winners of the competitions...Raft and Kayak.

A big crowd watching the carnage at Mundaca during the raft race.

Party and Bullshit at Cara Del Indio...a bunch of dirty river rats.

Tres Monas!!!! Futa is a beautiful place.

Raft race starting line...mass start bridge to bridge.

Ron Fisher beat the hell out of me in Down River race...he was talking to me as he passed.

Getting the D.L. before we started the big race.

Pure Patagonia style...lamb on the fire for 4+ hours makes one of the best party platers ever.

Team Very Good from Pucon!!! These boys were the heart of the party and race.

A small cluster of boaters at the first bridge in the Down river race.

The girls rafting teams who took top honors...the venue they put on for the closing ceremony was really outstanding! Big stage, music, prizes, and a huge discotec party!

A raft about to get punished in the big hole at Mundaca.

All of us really happy to be done with the 27+ minuet race ready to start this carrete.

Anton, Myself, and Dave in the famous dingy...same one that ran the Florin and Middle Palguin.

Myself getting bucked off a bull before the Friday night party after the took me a while to buck up...but I'm from Montana so I had to give it a try.

Getting free shuttle back to the put-in...the community really comes together for this event.

A bull rider much more experienced than myself.

Mo Mo, Myself, and the winner Santiago getting our awards for the boater cross.

This was one of the best weekends of the entire season, couldn't have been more happy to have made the drive from Pucon. Now we had a week to go around Argentina and Chile to go run stouts and find some rivers to run before returning to Pucon and then leaving back to the old USA...what was next for team siphon...who knows?

Later E.G.

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