Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pacific Northwest Going Off

I'm out here in Southern Washington/Oregon staying with my good friends...The Wells! This family has put me up more than enough times to be sick of me...but they aren't. Their two boys are badass hucksters and all around good boaters who we come to visit as much as possible to hit these amazing rivers!

So far we have hit high water Green Trus on the White Salmon, Metlako, Bridal Veil falls, Rock Creek, and today we are up for some new stuff!!!! Hope the spring season is starting off right for all you boaters out there across America and Europe...We have a sick trip video that will drop at the end of the trip so keep your eyes on egcreekin...as well as some lost updates from Chile. These are all just freeze frames from video, but you will get the point and see what we have been up to...

The boys celebrating at the Bottom of a big dawg drop!

Coming hot off Metlako with my wings out for a long fall.

Todd stomping BZ falls at 4.75 feet...I walked!

The left line at Big Brother...this is a good way to avoid the cave, but still a very tricky line.

Coming into the straight up maw of Double Drop!

Sam Freihofer hitting the sweet spot...

Nate Garcia my little bro on his first ever Metlako run...this thing has become such a well known and run drop these days...but its still ridiculously BIG!

Later E.G.

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Anonymous said...

fuck yeah todd, 4.75 for bz is stooouuuut.