Thursday, March 24, 2011

Middle Fuy; Huilo Huilo...

I am missing some very needed updates and they will be up the meantime go ahead and enjoy this video I put together from our last day of class V paddling from this Chile season...yes a sad day indeed. Now, I have to leave this paradise behind and join the rest of the world on the quest to make money, sense of life, and find out the higher meaning for being put on this earth. Not really I am just gonna get enough to sufficiently scrape by and be able to go to the rivers I dream of.

Here is what I had to say about this video:

Watch Team Siphon accompanied by Papa Garcia roll down to the Huilo Huilo Canyon of the Rio Fuy. This late summer classic is about 2 hours south of Pucon and only runs at extreme low flows. The highlight is an un-portagable 20+ foot seal launch into a 50 foot falls. Along with that comes an abundance of class IV-V making it one of our favorite in the country. Enjoy the video from the last good day of boating from our 10-11 season in Chile. Sorry for Ian's profanity, he needs to curse a lot when he gets out, he can't around his 1 month old baby boy...Future Demshitz in the making.

Hope you enjoyed the edit here and a few stills we snapped off on the run as well...

Ian bombing off the big drop, it took me a long time and good swimming session to get this front on angle. photo EG

Myself rolling down the big old blue ramp. Photo IG

Amazing place indeed this was the first run in over two years...due to high water the last season and most of this year, The Middle Fuy was at unrunnable flows for almost two years. Lucky for us it came in Late February this season and we got to reap the benefits of having this late summer classic only a short drive away. Next up comes our Adventure to Futafest this season...not a bland moment with this crew! Good times indeed.

Later E.G.

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