Sunday, March 07, 2010

Summer hights: Salto Mariman

Summer was in full effect one sunny February day in Pucon...we were doing our norm and hanging on the crowded beach drinking tap beer. Myself, Levinsjoo, and Candy, when all of the sudden we were swept with a burst of motivation! To the ever so classic Upper Trancura river we went. Joining us was my 57 year old father still paddling class IV!!!! and Ian my brother. The short drive out of town, was longer than normal due the shear amount of people coming in to the city.

Isaac busting a backie at the beach trying to impress some chilean chicas near by.

Myself, Isaac, and Ian scout the big ass rapid. The entrance was a bit easier than the time before with Aniol...but still stout none the less. Big holes, big waves, and big water feeling make this drop a lot different than the normal Pucon stout.

Isaac fired it up first...different line than we scouted but it went really it was the new line for the day.

Stomping a really nice big boof, cleaning the rapid.

Getting through the entry that messed me up the time before...the time with much more grace.

Myself really givin' it all I had...this rapid scares me in general, not to mention last time I ran it I had a bad line.

Out and away from the hole going a bit further right than Isaac.

I caught the blowout from the hole coming off the rock in the foreground of the photo, and salmon jumped way up and out of the pit.

I kid you not I landed pretty close to this spot in the was a sick huge rapid and a great redemption line for me.

Thanks to Candace for the photos!

Summer 2010 in Pucon has been one to remember in this region of Chile. The water was good all season up to this point and it just keeps raining and keeping our classics going. I still have a few more good Chile update to put up along with some video clips...keep up to date cuz now I have Internet.

Later E.G.


Team Liquidlogic Kayaks - Max said...

Sunshine, nice boofs...seems like the perfect day. Great post.

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