Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dream Result; Intro & Premier

I just saw that Rush threw this up on the Internet for people to get excited... check out this video, as it is the start to the best kayak movie of our generation. Up there with "Good to the Last Drop" and "H2Hoe". I hope you enjoy this taste while I'm putting together some sick shots from North Carolina.

Enjoy the Introduction to the movie by Rush and Tyler.

Check this movie out...Buy it at It is worth every penny you pay. As well check out Rush's new LP...he has been working on his musical talent as well and is getting quite smooth these days. There are premiers all over the world going down this spring...catch one and party with some of the best partier/half-kayakers in the Biz, they know how to get down. Join me a week from today in Asheville, NC the 1st of April at the Pizza Brewing Company for a good time and viewing of this film.

Later E.G.


Mikkel said...

Just received my copy in the mail today. So Good

Ben said...

How did these boys get the aerial shots? It looks like a helicopter or zip line. Some great cinematography and they did a great job putting it all together. As always, too much talking but great shots.