Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Goodbye Chile...

How can such an epic trip down in South America come to an end? Well a huge natural disaster is one way... a 70 hour bus ride is 2 ways... a huge stout... and last but not least a terrible awfull sun burn is the forth. I got all of those things after my personal best trip down to Chile, of all times. We were finally leaving Pucon for good on our way to Lima Peru, when all of sudden shake shake shake...shake shake shake...shake the bus!!!! 3:00am on the 27th of Febuary an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck. I'm sure everybody has heard about this thing, so I will make it short. We spent an extra 12 hours getting to Santiago and witnessed one hell of a torn up place. Here are some photos Candace shot form the bus...

Once we passed Santiago things were smooth all the way to Arica Chile, where we sat for a few days to relax and play in the ocean before our last leg of the trip up to Lima. It was a great long trip up through the Atacama...the worlds dryest dessert. I really hate to say good bye to my favorite place in the world, but I know I will always be back someday soon. Here are some stats and favorite things about my Sep. 2009 - Mar. 2010 trip to Pucon Chile;

Best Boof- Salto De La Muerte, Rio Desahue.
Best Drop- Salto Palguin, Rio Palguin.
Best River- Rio Nevados
Best Animal- Perra Chica
Best Crash- Rush Sturges Salto Bonito, Arg.
Best Bender- New Years
Best Food- Pollitos del Disco
Best Sub-trip- Tour De Stout

Well thats that...Have fun out there and I will see you guys down in the Southeast..well I'm already here in Asheville running the goods, so just stand by for some photos and stories.

Later E.G.

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