Friday, April 24, 2009

North Fork/Blackwater Tri-fecta

The North Fork of the Blackwater has always been a run I have heard of from numerous friends of the area. Stories made this run seem like a waterfall dream ride... it pretty much is. Aside from the few east coast siphons, and random logs, the creek is clean and good to go. After we did the N.F. we ran up and put on the Upper Blackwater at 500cfs and ran all the way through the upper and lower stretches making for one hell of a day of boat ridin'. The "Upper B" is like the Puesco of Pucon.... with harder moves, more drops, and more siphons. Good shitz as well.

Max below Douglas Falls.

Max inda Mank!

Stout master Miguel boofing the so called "best boof in WV"

Max on the same cow brown on a flat rock drop.

Dropping a Brown.... I swear I will be out of the pink helmet soon enough.

Miguel and Jared chilling after a good 25' boof.

Dave Fusilli sliding while Max watches to see Demshitz style another good drop.

Nicole checking out Dave's boofing technique since he's so damn good at it.

The entry to the Rainbow Room....

Jared in the Rainbow room about to go over the sketchy log.

So with the North fork, Upper, and lower Blackwater we had a triple headed, trifecta, kavu day out there in old West Virgina. Now I'm offically back on the west coast ready to do some huckin'. Thanks to all Yinz out there.... make sure to check out and catch a premiere and soon you will be abe to buy it throught or right here at egcreekin....

later E.G.


Team KayakPucon said...

que bueno ver a las putitas remando denuevo juntos,,,yeeeaaa,,,
I fucking miss you Bros...
I cant wait to see the Dem Ballz video...

Peace and love.

RiotAJ said...

Nice to see the photos of some of the HOMETOWN BROWN! I especially like the images from cow pissing on a flat rock (substitute brown wherever you like).

Don Smith and I were actually able to remove that big as tree from rainbow room this past friday, April 24th, 2009 by snapping that sh*&ter in half via Z-drags and a 3 hour mission. Rainbow room is now clean.

I hope to head out to Colorado soon and then off to Southern Oregon for June. I plan on road tripping up to the White and Little White, with a possible Cherry Creek mission from the brown-runners here in N. WV.

Cheers bud,


Anonymous said...

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