Friday, April 17, 2009

Desoto Falls, Alabama

So this is a late update from my most recent adventures, and I have a few more to put up after as well. So after the weekend before, where we failed to get on the Desoto falls and did Toxaway, I wanted to run this beauty even more. With a text message from old John Grace and a head full of steam.... I rallied Demshitz and Pat Keller out there door and headed westward. We drove through the state of Tennessee and arrived to find it at a perfect flow. With no time to waste we geared up and set up for a new stout.

Entry falls... this thing had a ferry move above it the was scary.... then a late boof off a flake fired us off the big boy.

The deal is, the lead in rapid has many different lines to choose from... with there being only one good line off the bottom piece. So you have to decide what you want to tackle before falling off a 70 footer. We all choose to run a left line down a cool sliding falls. Pat, like always, went first. He crushed it.... made the thing look smooth and good to go. He had a very fluent and patient line off the lip and got me fired up to run on up to my boat.

Pat Keller on the crest.

I went ahead and got in my boat. Surfed across the attainment hole move and splashed some water in my face in the set up eddy. Like always on park n' hucks I quickly ask myself if I'm ready... and with no answer I dropped off the first falls. It was bigger ?(20')? than I originally thought, but went just right. I took a few strokes to put me in the good spot, turned the corner and slowly stroked the thang into my tuck. "Smooth lika butta" "Greasy like Bojangles" and "Big like jo mama" that's how I would describe Desoto Falls.

The beast from the bottom.

After the two of us went we got ready to watch the brothers Seiler run the brown until...... The Alabama park rangers showed up and threatened to put Demshitz in jail if they ran it. Pat walked across the river to deal with Johnny Law and almost got him in a whole heap of trouble. So if you do go down to the West branch of the Little river, know, It is illegal.... 007 covert oops that shit.

Kickin' it at the lipper after hucking the stout. However, we didn't run the 30 foot dam to rocks above the first tier.

So It was a good day out there running the stout. We made the long drive back to asheville with Jared and Graham pissed at the legal system and myself and Pat riding high. From the we bought a ticket and went to a sick Midnite reggae show with all the boyz. A good day indeed.

Later E.G.


Anonymous said...

weak! goddamn 5-0. demshitsz needz to get back there and huck some stout when there isnt piggy pie everywhere!

pat and eg, that was sick! glad to see it get fired off

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