Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blown away on the Toxaway

This is a bomb creek.... south silver, big timber, and obj got nothing on this thing... and I'm a west coast biased kayaker. I was lucky to get the rains and have this thing come up to a good level for us to drop in.

Right about to put in on the first slide, smilin'.

Put in slide thing is long as...

The entire land bridge rapid, we only ran the bottom half.

Portage of 40/40.... it goes, but doesn't flow.

Pat, Drew, and Evan the Cali reunion back on the shit.

Energizer slide.... a sik sluce drop for sheezy.

Grace on the pungy stick mini-gizer.

I loved this creek and had another good day out east with some great friends and good flows.

Photos by Adriene Levkenect

Later E.G.


Shane Benedict said...

Nice post EG. Good to see we can keep your attention on this side at least a little.


Fred Norquist said...

Yes ball nice work