Friday, May 23, 2008

Feather Dayz!!!

After Kimshew we went and practiced our portaging skills on a high water Lover's Leap run with Kiwi Jono and Chris Korbulic, my main man. It was kind of a bummer day. Then we got on a great high water run on the East Meets West, where we met a friendly group of Reno Boater who ran our shuttle, Thanks Golder and crew!!!!!

We set our sights on Yuba Gap, a rarely run section of the South Yuba, that has the goods. The water ended up being twice what we wanted so it was a bail out. The a nice float/hike out on the EF NF NF American gave me the idea to go back to the enjoyable and logistic friendly runs those mountains contain.

First day we did South Branch at lower flow, but still had a hella good time on the insane steep bedrock section. We met up with some friends from the past on that run, including Jimbo from our Fantasy Falls run last summer, and lotsa good Kiwi mates.

The it was back to Hot and Ready pizza straight to Kimshew. The flow was way lower but all was still good. I ran the big Triple Drop with a big hit and steeze. Some cracked boats "made the day seem fast wide eyed and loosing focus."

All Photos By Grant Korgan

Lizzy doing her thing at the 7 Falls, This chik can rip harder than any girly I have met before.

Get loose before a low water Kimshew day.

Mau on the Famous 40 footer Big Kimshew Falls.

I ran the big triple drop of Kimshew this time taking a head dry line down the left. It was still stout.

Justin on his newly named "Nashiki Falls". His second run of this mank falls went different but as well as the first.

Me on the 50 footer giving it the Ninja posse before the hit at the bottom. This was my 4th time off this lip this season.

South Branch got game!!!

We made it down from Sterling City fast and now I'm back at Justin's house eating burritos ready for Royal, which is in but too cold to go, and the Dinkler. Cali is off the meat rack.

Later E.G.

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anahi said...

un gran beso para ti amor
tus fotos estan increibles.
sigue disfrutando de tu viaje
te quiero