Monday, May 19, 2008

1st Week of Cali

Well After leaving Bozeman at 2:45pm I started getting call from all of my kayaking compadres in Cali. They were going to be putting on the South Branch of the Middle Feather the next morning, I had a mission. Get there and run the SHIT. I made it to Justin Patt's house at 3:00am ready to get some in a few hours.

My list of rivers so far:
DAY 1: South Branch
DAY 2: Big Kimshew
DAY 3: Easy Meets West
Day 4: Lovers Leap
DAY 5: East Meets West
Day 6: EF NF NF American mission
DAY 7: ????? (to be announced)

It has been a good week of kayaking. There is just more to come soon. So I will try and get on the updates asap. All I know is that Cali is my favorite place to kayak and all the runs I have done have been new ones for me so I'm pumped. We are headed back to the Feather drainage in a few for some more big action. Keep it real!

Later E.G.

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