Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Kimshew Creek

Big Kimshew is da nazzel. I love tasty granite like what this gutter contains. Well we got on simi early in the morning and had some nice good flow in there. After running a insane rally section with a 20 footer in there we made it to the infamous LJ drop. I walked the entrance at this flow after watching J Patt barley squeeze through it. After that the run just blew my mind. There is of course the rapids you always see, but otherwise there is maybe 40 slides and 10 foot boofs you never see.

Josh Neilson dropping in on the 40 foot Kimshew falls.

J Patt crux move on the entire run. He was the only one to fire this stout up this day.

Justin coming out of the bottom of the trippler hot tamale style.

Justin routing down the stouts all day long.

Me running Frenchy Falls, I traded helmets with Justin as to not break my face again.

Me on the last drop boofing out big time. You can see the level we had due to the rock on the right below me that is under water.

I smashed my face on Kimshew falls, aids grill for sure but didn't break anything, just nice and swollen. After that we watched Justin stomp the triple drop and surf out of the big hole at the bottom. Then we just mad bombed such a good amount of unknown whitewater that was all new for me and clean. We got to the take out and once again the group behind us was far behind and got a flash flood of brown water and logs on the last half of the run. It looked and sounded pretty interesting from the stories they had, and all looked damn happy to see us at the takeout falls. This is for sure a top 10 run in my book and smashed my expectations. I can't wait to get back on this thing.

Later E.G.

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