Sunday, April 06, 2008

EG goes Skiing + Random Chile Pictures

Skiing is cold!

Thats right I went skiing and had a sick time the first time of 2007/08 season. It was fun stuff, I'm not the little ripper I once was but I can still get from point A to B with style.

Mike Garcia and Me (Father and Son)

Here's a bunch of randoms from My Chile adventure....

Max toppin' off on the Penguinos vino. Foyel's only restaurant.

Kurt and Eva Casey's casa outside of Pucon a big thanks to them.

Jared and Miguel keeping busy on the drive to the Rio Futaleufu.

Pucon disco scene! Chris killin it!

After Cascada Alerces before Manso gorge, good scenery.

Gypsy Wagon camping out before the Todosobreninos!!!!

Will Lyons looking at Van hucking on the T.S.N. Argentina.

Me chilling after running some shit.

Issac on the upper remeco falls.

Max on the second remeco drop. low flows!

Snow, Rocks, you see them anywhere.

Now I'm off to Oregon to go compete for king of the Little White. May the best man win. Then back to the land of freedom California for some huckfest's. I got big plns before then so keep your eyes open.

Later E.G.


RiotAJ said...


Whats good paddling wise around Ashalnd OR (southern OR, kind of close to Cali)? My madre is moving out there and I could be spending some time there in the future.

The adventure continues. Looks sick hoss,


michael said...

yo yeng. hope all is well. nice video on the M. Fuy man hahah. kick some arse on the lw we'll be out there in a few weeks
peace homes,