Friday, March 28, 2008

The Middle Fuy!!!

My last mission in Chile was to the infamous Middle Fuy. This run has been run minimal times. 6-9 times maybe????? The last time it was run I believe was bye Ian, John Meyers, and Rodrigo 3 years ago. Needing next to dry flow to enter the gorge we waited until mid March to try this one. We found a great level at the Puma falls. Not 100 yards down stream a hug trib trippled the flow???? We went anyway! It was great full of cool rapids much like a steeper L.W. with a great 50 footer. Check the vid, I didn't shoot much but it's a funny one.

The Middle Fuy Video!

Today is my last day here. I leave tonight at 9:10pm. It's been so good. I can't wait to get back here. I have some great ideas for next time. Santiago is big!!!! Montana here I come!

Later E.G.

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