Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Flow II

The cover of a Grassroots Whitewater Film by Evan Garcia.

Hey to all,

I just finished The Flow II. It is for sale!!! To receive a copy of the newest rad flic out there contact me at:

I will get your address and send it out to you. Every copy is 15 dollars. Pretty cheep for a 45 minuet movie with tons of sick footage from: China, Mexico, California, Canada, Chile, and Argentina! Plus tons of sick extras.

The movie is featuring: Evan Garcia, Ian Garcia, Ian McClaren, Billy Boylan, LJ Groth, Jared Seiler, Dave Fusilli, Chris Korbulic, Todd Anderson, Tyler Bradt, Charlie Center, Joel Kowalski, Rafa Ortiz, Max Blackburn, Miguel Shields, Adam Johnson, The Brothers Daggel, Lane Jacobs, Rodrigo Tushner, Swiss Severin, Juanito Ugarte, and many more....

There is kind of limited copies available so order soon. Payment via PAYPAL or cash/check.

Later E.G.

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