Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sutherland Falls

After the long play binge at the skooks we headed back east to Revelstoke BC. 6 hours of enjoying the beauties of the Frasier valley and high mountains, which somewhat resemble the granite of California, we arrived in the small skiing town. Early the next morning we drove to Blanket creek south of town and hucked this monster.

The main view of the falls.

I ran it twice in a row with the tuck and drop method. That's when you run the drop with a normal tuck and drop your paddle half way down, removing the chance of a broken paddle, and making the hit extra soft. The first time I ran it I did not even flip over. My second run was accented by my trusty dusty hand roll after another soft hit. Cheese stepped up and ran the drop after me and also had a nice line holding on to his paddle and plugging deep. This drop was much bigger than it appeared and taller than I thought before running it.

The view form the lip of the falls. We ran as far left as possible to stay with the main flow.

The free fall was 60-70ish feet, around the same height of Mamquam falls we ran two week prior. Not a minute after Cheese got out of the water a park host came and told us that it was illegal, I replied with a subtle "Well we just ran it three times." He was rather easy going for a figure of authority.

We have some nice video from this drop, I can't show it to y'all until later. If you know of Blanket creek there are some pretty crazy looking drops in a tight gorge, I was wondering if anyone had run it before. If not that's a good assessable first D waiting to be run. We drove stright south from here returning to the states feeling stoked for the big drop. B.C. is my new love and the potential is unlimited for the whitewater that seems to lie in every canyon. I can't wait to get back up there.

Later E.G.


Sam Sutton said...

Nice drop, you are going huge as normal, i would have been in the same boat as you with throwing the paddle away, I snapped a paddle over Mamquam but was worth it. looking forward to seeing the Video have fun at OR as I sit in Coloma, I hit a car the other day have 1800 to pay gutted.

Anonymous said...

Yo nigga,
ize be freeweelin' dat shit las tym i checkd.

Mikkel said...

it was measured at 58 feet
and the 30 footer just upstream has been run