Sunday, August 26, 2007

N.Stine and Cayoosh creek

We set shuttle for the North Stine and drove high in the coastal mountains to Van Horlick creek road. The temperture was 34 degrees on the drive to the trail head and rain was starting quickly. We saw 3 bears in 10 minutes on the over grown path and my poor Subaru just made it up the road where we camped.

Basicly what ended up happening on this deboggel of a trip was Lane and I dropped out due to many factors and Lizzy and Ben were forced to follow or do a 4 day over nighter alone. All the work we put in to doing this one was all wasted, but we have all the beta for next time or for anyone who needs it.

We did end up salvaging the day with a sweet little run on Cayoosh creek, a fun IV-V run with some great scenery. We also scouted upper Cayoosh and there is a crazy tight gorge with some burl falls in it that we didn't run. More driving took us all the way back down through Hope and up Big Silver Creek for another mission.

Later E.G.

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