Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Decent on Big Silver

We luckily met up with some Washinton boaters Chris, Matt, and Eric about an hour up the road to Big Silver. They actualy knew where they were and what they were doing so we hopped on board with them and rallied up the hill on a scouting mission. We found some sick drops and drop up further and put on.

Class III-and IV lead our group to a very committing gorge with a possible mandatory unrunnable 30 footer at the end of it. We all scouted and all of the members of the possie but Lizzy and I dropped in. After waiting a long time and watching lots of bad moves going down. We hiked out of the canyon and got some beers to watch them do a hour+ long portage.

They did get to continue down to the big ass triple set we looked at earlyer that day. They only ran the last 15 footer leaving a sick slot drop into a 25-30 footer that is still waiting to get run. Good job on sticking in there boys. This was a long day and ended my energy on trying to finds new runs, but there is tons more to do up hear just gotta get in it.

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