Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kim Jong Wave: Movie

Kim Jong Movie theres the link for the movie from the wave we were surfing on day 3 of the Great Bend. Some cool stuff. Headed to the Mekong now.
later E.G.


RiotAJ said...

Ill video garcito. China looks pretty damn sick. I have to say I am jealous. Its starting to get cold and white here, so I have not gone boating for a while. However, you should check out this video from earlyer this month. Everything there is within 1.5 hours of my school, and WCKA goes right by it when yall roll through (takes a bunch of water to get going though). Keep it real hoss, those waves look sick!



Rush said...

What up playa? Shit looks sick man!!! Wish I was on some waves right now. Unfortunately most of the U.S. is cold and dry... When do you boys get back? Would be stoked to do some more creekin with yah this summer... Your brother and I are off to Chile in a few weeks. Hope all is well,


lanej said...

That shit looks dope!! China is on my hitlist for sure. Keep the vids comin. A lil soothing since the NW has been bone dry for the past three weeks. Cali is looking super meager right now. 25% of normal is what I heard. It may be a BC summer. lets hit it up!