Sunday, January 14, 2007

China, Lijang

Leaving on Wednesday I drove to Missoula meeting up with part of the crew to pack and weigh our bags. We then embarked on our epic journey from Missoula to Seattle to LA then to China. Once we got off the 16 hour flight we then spent the entire day getting from the Hong Kong area to Lijang in the Yunnan Province. We ate a slightly gressy yet aight.. meal then hit the Chinese beds up for 10 hours of sleep. Today we went on a hike and got a cool view of a big 18000 foot peak that dwarfs over the city. The next part of the group is coming in tonight, then we are starting to pack and rig rafts for the Great bend of the Yangtze river for a 14 day trip of big water play boating.
The first sun rise of the China trip. This is the view out of our hotel window in old town Lijang.
This is my first trip to Asia so everything here is new to me, the food, the cities, the people, and the landscape. It is the most culturaly rich place I have ever been, the people and buildings are unique and incredible. The rest of the trip we are focusing on three diferent rivers. The Salween, Yangtze, and the Mekong rivers. They are all big high volume rivers with huge waves and play spots. I'll try to keep you updated with some pictures and stories. This should be a trip to remember so BDP all up in China fo real. later E.G.

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