Friday, January 05, 2007

EG's 2007 Update

Oh this one's a big one.
Make sure you watch the 2006 Movie, click that. Or if you got that slow internet, no worries click this. Low Res 06' Vid. These are the same movie and they cover all the places I boated in last year and has tons of rediculous footy. The last month or so has been busy, in a different kind of way.

The end of Mexico was "EPIC" we hit the Alsaseca day after day. The bomb rapid of the section we were doing was a twisted mess called S-Turn.The infamous Joel Kowalski T'in up the speedy and delightful Turn of S.

Me dropin' in on my second run of the day. These are frezee frames so the quality is poor, but you get an idea of the how the drop looks.

It is a pretty good sized drop but the tight nature, speed, and 90 degree turns are what make this drop one of a kind, Good time those were, good times. An Alsaseca Movie, Here is another little cut from the first round of our time at the rio Alsaseca.

After that, my flight home was Evan style. My ticket was 2 days off, the airline lost my bags, I sat in the Huston customs area for many moons, and yelled at a big fat international-gard, it was very enjoyable.

When I got home I was greeted by my 2 huge brothers, that now both out wiegh me by 20-30 pounds, and my always happy parents. We had a great Christmas, I may have gotten more from my sponsers than my family, but it was still super duper. The snow situation here in Montana is very sad so I have racked up many hours on the TV and X-Box this last week.

China is not far off, I leave for there on the 12th for some big water and big wave hunting. I have tons of new gear for that trip NRS has been hooking me up with some great new stuff, if you haven't seen their new goods you should check them out, cuz they "da bomb".

Ok well I guess thats it but keep your eye on this blog, there are a few updates coming soon that will blow your mind, I'll give you a hint "A huge Double drop in Coasta rica got another taker".

Later EG

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Anonymous said...

Good work my friend, hope that hole missing ticket thing worked out nice and whatnot. Looking forward to china updates, you better get on a computer and throw that stuff up lots. BDP!