Monday, June 06, 2011

Falls Creek, Montana Style Stout

Falls Creek is located in central western Montana as a clean clear tributary of the Dearborn river. Access has alway been an issue on this creek so it is wise to ask before you try and get on this small gem of a run. We parked at a camp group like area and hiked straight up the river for about a half mile before reaching the waterfall. We all took turns running this beast and had an assortment of different lines. The landing was soft, but the lip is kind of kinked at a funny careful there is a reconnect behind the veil so don't flip going off the stout or you may come in contact with the brown wall! Enjoy the video and small photo we got from he day!

EG running the 40 foot falls creek drop. Photo Ian Garcia.

Make sure to check out Bomb Flow for more updates and video from our adventures of 2011.

Later E.G.

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Anonymous said...

Nice run! I went to scout the run this past Fall and had no luck gaining private land access. The owners post a phone number but I haven't been able to get ahold of them. How was your experience with them?