Sunday, June 12, 2011

Black Eagle Wave, Missouri River

Ater the Grand Prix and getting back in my Playboat I was actually pretty fired up on getting out and getting back jive in freestyle. I heard some stories of a big wave forming in Great Falls Montana on the Missouri River at high flows. With some good rains and little bits of sun breaking up the incredible snow pack we had this winter...the levels rose for this wave to be prime. We got two sessions out there one being prime and one being a bit low, both good times! Check the videos and some freeze frames from the few days out.

A few freeze's from the video!

Later E.G.

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RiotAJ said...

Yeah yeah, playboating! Nice dude. Good to see you getting back out and in the air. That wave looks sweet.

Headed out to Cali this weekend for 1 week (June 25th) to boat. Hit me up if you are in the area.

Cheers boss,