Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zie Siphon!!!!!!

This season in Pucon has been one of the best and most random years to pass. At first, I was staying for just less than a month. 12 weeks have past since the day I arrived in the end of November. This place has just got me sucked in…like a siphon! I would have it no other way…At this point Pucon is more of a home for me than another place in the world. In the past 5 years I have spent a total of 20 months living and paddling in Chile.

Back to this season…The blog has been lacking due to the fact that to be perfectly honest, we haven't done that many new things this season. I have too many Nevado, Palguin, Gol Gol, Desague, Nilahue, Futa, and Manso updates…That's not to say that this year we have run everything higher, more often, and with much more steeze. We have a mountain of footage and photos we plan to put out from free online very soon now. There will not be a Demshitz Movie this year but something more RAD! To be explained...

The crew that we had in December this season was unstoppable. Jared & Graham Seiler, Myself & Ian, Anton Immler, Fred Norquist, Jake Greenbaum, Dave Fussili & Nicole, Erik Johnson, Eric Parker, as always Rodrigo, and so many more close friends that we shared our beloved Chilean stouts with. With all that said I have shot tons of photos and not put them up yet…so here is a taste of the good life here in Pucon. Pura Vida enjoy the photos!

Fred and I ready to..."Tie one off"

The small town of Pucon, Chile. Funny how so much can happen in such a small place.

Camping out after punching a hole in our gas tank...driving too fast on dirt roads not advised.

Just a few silly kids hanging out in Latitude 39...best food in town!

The Pit!!!! All Demshitz grillin' out after a Todo Palguin Christmas day.

We were driving...and drinking...also not advised.

Sunset and kayaks, must have been a good day.

Fred getting one of the billion Horseflies back for torturing us all day on the Rio Gol Gol.

Fred layin' some treats on the Upper Nevados.

Aaaaaa.....eeeeeee Demshitz lika Brownings.

Not sure if I put this up in the last post, but I like it so take a peek. Bariloche, ARG.

Anton with a steeze line down the Nevado slide.

Dulce Amor=Sweet Love! Boofs like this make me feel the love.

Lip of Demshitz Drop on a February afternoon. Nevado needs one day of rain and its on!

The Diablito has a fucked up log in it...you can do it, but damn it's scary.

Dusk in Patagonia. Pucon right before the summer rush hit.

The birthplace of the Rio Manso. So much beautiful.

Our little house here in Pucon...Ian, Erik, Sole, and I all lived under this roof.

One of my favorite pics of the season...Lago Ranco at sunset...not a bad place to go camp.

Jakey Snakey on Alerces.

Ian Garcia drop on the Upper Car...this thing is a dirty little lady.

Erik roosting in to the lip of the Turbio Stout.

I got two tickets to Paradise!

Salto Palguin through the eye of Anton's 7D.

You can have your shiny cars, bustling cities, and high paying jobs...I think I'll stay right here.

Later E.G.


Whitewater Ottawa said...

Awesome! Ill be there next december. Cant wait.

Anonymous said...

"You can have your shiny cars, bustling cities, and high paying jobs...I think I'll stay right here. "

Spoken like a true enlightened one.

Other than the people working on a cure for cancer who drive a shiny car to work in a bustling city, who also likely get paid more than most.

I doubt most if any of your readers drive shiny cars in the big city to big paying jobs. Its not all black and white like your statement suggests.

Some people are having famililes, or are changing the world. Some people have a broader scope on life than "running the shit".

Thanks for showing us how even something amazing as traveling the western hemisphere year round to push an amazing sport, can, if done in excess, be one dimensional, and produce true narrowness.

As big a world as it is between the lip of the "steeze" and the pool at the bottom is, its still a very small world to inhabit. Some say that the less you know, the more you think you have it figured out.

My advice would be to expand your life experience to avenues beyond kayaking. The picture is so much bigger.

Untill then, adios from the rest of the world. We're all driving bentleys in big cities to our high salary jobs. We all made the conscious choice not to follow the perpetual summer in Chile.

Question: Who's paying your $1500 airfare to chile and god knows where else so you can "choose" to not make that evil money?

I admire what you guys are doing, and would love to have an endless summer in Chile/Hood River. This is a great thing, this kayaking. Just don't make it bigger than it is. We're all in this world together. Its up to you how big of a contribution you make, whether in the form of raising educated and enlightened children, developing new technology and helping create energy solutions, or whatever. I fail to see how running the steeze all day every day qualifies anyone to have a broad enough perspective to safely state that their choice is best. Without airplane wings, plastic, and oil, you wouldn't be doing any of this. And the people that brought that together worked hard.

This may be a criticism, but I'm not suggesting you change anything you are doing. Live your dream. Just know that no man is an island. There is a huge infrastructure that allows you to do what you do. Never forget it. You've got about the easiest lifestyle to have.

If none of what I just said makes sense, you may have to go to college, get a real job, and participate in the world that the other 6 billion people on this planet live in to really get perspective.

You don't need command of the English language to have a good blog. You have one. But if you don't want to alienate your audience, try to gain some perspective. There are people who can go out and run the shit you do, who also live a balanced life with many other things in the mix.

What I am trying to say is that you don't have to give up on the rest of what the world has to offer to love kayaking. Balance is difficult, but it ultimately yields richer returns. Make something more dynamic in your life, and you just might find, when your back is a chiropractors worst nightmare, that there is something else to this thing we call life altogher. I can't explain what it is, but its out there. And it isn't scoutable. You just gotta drop in dude.

Dirty Quebec Kayaker said...

"You can have your shiny cars, bustling cities, and high paying jobs...I think I'll stay right here. "

To me that sentence sounds like this: Instead of chasing monetary wealth, I'd rather chase adventure.

Which to me makes total sense and is exactly what I'd like to do in life. But this is just an interpretation of a sentence made by a guy that I don't even know. I guess we could see that in many ways..

Is it because my understanding of the english is limited (my first language is french after all) that I did not saw a statement that was discriminating all the human society and saying that the author was above it all?

Personally, altough the content was valuable I think this anonymous post was a bit unnecessarily harsh and exagerated over what might just be misinterpreting.

But this is just my opinion. I am not an enlightened one, I am just a young paddler dreaming of rivers and adventures.

Keep the good posts and good karma


tribe rider said...

'anonymous' and somebody awesome from quebec have brought up some good points...

let's summarize: 1. perspective is important and 2. negativity/jealousy/bitterness are bad personality traits.

can we go boating now?

tribe rider said...

... and evan, keep the inspiring content coming !!

Jared said...

"We're all in this world together. Its up to you how big of a contribution you make, whether in the form of raising educated and enlightened children, developing new technology and helping create energy solutions, or whatever." (anonymous writer)

First of all...Evan is 22 years old. Evan IS making a contribution to the world! He is showing YOU the WORLD! He is showing YOU somewhere to dream about. And showing YOU how to run the shit! And what YOU should take from these photos and stories is..." we need to "work together" to protect these places, so YOU can go there someday!" because...if we don't... some dick head who went to college and drives a bentley and wants to "change the world" will try to ruin these places to make money off them... !

Imagine if Evan wasn't out there "running the shit". Is that what YOU want??? Or is it... You want him to just stop blogging so YOU can't see what YOU missed out on...?
Who are YOU to tell him to put down his paddle at his young age and to go get in a monkey suit...why? so he can be like YOU?? and bitch at kids on the internet for living their dream??? because he didn't??
Lets grow up and quit assuming and attacking and bringing money into everything. Spread the love. Maybe something you should think about before you enlighten your children...

A lot of people have back problems from sitting at a computer screen all day...

"If you wanna run the shit like EG does, you gotta quit your day job!"

"YOU made the CHOICE "NOT" to follow the perpetual summer in Chile..."

and...I fail to see how your every day life qualifies you to have a broad enough perspective to safely state that your choice is best...

"the world is your oyster"

"you make your own bed"

Don't worry (Anonymous Dick) I forgive you. Go dust off that spray skirt and come on out to the shit...EG and I will show you down.


EG's biggest fan and comrade

Jared Seiler

Anonymous said...

Im not down on negativity at all, but I do wonder where you guys get all you $$ from to continuously paddle non stop hopping from state to state and country to country, I mean its not cheap..you can live like a dirtbag while doing this but it still costs a bunch of cash...

daddys pocket??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you talk like if you think you are some kind of zen master.
There are many ways to live in this world. I doubt Evan wants your advice about how to live his life.

¨to push an amazing sport, can, if done in excess, be one dimensional...¨

are you 3D?are you the enlightened one? is your way better? give me a break...
live your life, go cure the cancer if that is your way, and do whatever a fuck makes you happy. but envy, my friend, is bad for the soul.
we live only once, and we should try to be happy in this fucked up world. if evan finds his happiness in that transient moment when dropping a stout, let it be, that is his way.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

You obviously have nothing better to do if you take all that time out of your busy day to lecture a kid on the internet about kayaking. I personally love this blog because it helps me get through the long NY winter while I cant paddle, and dream about next winter when I can start traveling to these places to run the shit.

And EG is doing more than just kayaking, do you know how many kayakers travel to these places that they read about in this blog, or see in his videos, he's stimulating the economy in these places, sure they might be poor kayakers, but every little bit helps.

Sure this lifestyle isn't for every one. For the most part, those people who drive Bentleys and live in big cities is for people who just don't have the balls (or elbow pads) to run the shit EG does. If thats what makes them happy then good for them, he obviously wouldn't be happy with that.

I find him as an inspiration and give him a lot of credit for following his dream. There are a lot more people out there who aren't doing anything with their lives. You should find their blog and lecture them.

poor college student

Shon Bollock said...

Usually I stay out of the online blog wars but this one got me a bit fired up. First off "Anonymous" clearly you have never met Evan and have your own take on what is considered an active member of society. I would say promoting our rivers and paddling community through EG's blogging is bringing greater good than your envious blog hate, but that is my own opinion.

I went to World Class with EG and can say there is no one else like him. His shear passion for our sport is what drives him and personally I think that is something to be respected and admired in our industry. I love kayaking and understand that feeling of envy when I cannot be out there with my boyz but that doesn't mean I would tell someone to change their lifestyle.

If there was some positive aspect of Anonymous's comment then I guess I missed it. Do what you gotta do but understand that Evan is a stand up homie with a positive outlook on life. He as real as they get so if you can't handle that then don't read it and stop wasting everyones time.

Bottom line EG keep killin it, and always remember that if someone isn't hating then you sure as hell aren't making enough noise.

JPatt said...

To second Shon I usually just sit back and laugh at the online food fights but here goes..
Anonymous you clearly bring up some valid points to think about. The world is much larger than kayaking. Yet Evan makes no claim that its not. Hes just being true to what he knows and he loves and is therefore being the best part of this world that he can be....himself. What greater thing can someone do other than be the best version of themselves that they can be? Evan was NEVER meant to find a cure for cancer, trust me in that lol. He was meant to run the shit, and so he does. I went to college after high school and let me tell you anonymous, if its not what you truly want it can be HELL. If college is not something that will help you actualize your greater dreams and desires, then its just a complete waste of time and a huge waste of money. There is no 'balance' in that. Only self doubt and confusion. In my case it also ended with a blown knee, blown ankle, several shoulder dislocations, a deviated septum (from breaking my nose not coke lol) and severe nerve and soft tissue damage in my elbow. After that I got back to MY path in life which begins with being a musician and a kayaker in California. Luckily I wasted mostly my own money on college and not my parents'. Lucky because it gave me perspective on the purpose of accruing money. When EG says "You can have your shiny cars, bustling cities, and high paying jobs" all he's saying is that he has found a lifestyle that doesnt require the same monetary needs as yours. I like him don't need that b.s. Ypu apparently do. And that's ok. But dont hate on us for not wanting or needing any of that. The irony of this whole situation is that you are chiding EG for not being enlightened enough based upon one sentence he wrote while you sit at home and write a whole long essay about being enlightened which clearly shows that you aren't as at peace with your life as you say you are. The only reason I am dignifying your ignorance with such a response is because EG is a good friend of mine, Im bored and recovering from shoulder surgery, and hey this whole thing gave me a laugh. I hope that someday you can learn to accept the greater comedy that is truly life and get back to the land of good times and positivity in which we reside. Then like those damn Canucks, Senores Seiler and Bollock, and myself, you can go run the shit in your life, whatever that entails.

Anonymous said...

Getting a Bentley and U bolting a couple two by fours through the roof and drivin that bitch to Pucon all on my parent's credit card.


E.G. said...

This is pt. 1 read both please!

Very very good my man...once again I will go ahead and say "I think you mistook the words I wrote."

By saying, "You can have your shiny cars, bustling cities, and high paying jobs...I think I'll stay right here." I only meant that I love Chile, don't want to go home, and would be fine working down here and not making mountains of money like the american dream.

All my friends comments were amazing and had very good points . They all obviously have a similar train of thought as I do, so they support my side of the argument. I would like to hear more voices positive and negative, because I do learn and take lessons from what is said on this blog.

I'm not saying that the real life or evil money are bad things at all…Someday I will get a "real job" and maybe even go to "school". Maybe not...

As for people talking about my family and financial aid…they have been unbelievably supportive of my passion for kayaking. They sent me to WCKA for 2 years (Not Cheap). I got to travel, study, see so many different cultures, met tons of amazing people, and learn about how the world turns in different countries.

Of course my family has also helped me out monetarily when I was in need. The money has immensely slowed down/stopped from the fact that I decided not to go to college. That was the deal. If I went to school, they would help me pay for what ever I needed. I thought, "that would be fun, easy, super original"

…no worries about money and partying every night with young beautiful girls. How many kids in the states live that life?

Nope not for me, I decided, hell with it. I want to get out there see what I can do, what I'm made of, and more important…what's the hell is out there in that big blue and green globe? Not to say that there hasn't been a few parties and young ladies mixed in there. However, I feel like what I have done has educated me far more than any stuffy class room at Harvard ever could.

Thats not dissing on college…i think different people thrive in different ways. And going to school is a good idea, I know that. Plus, from what I have read in my collection of many leather bound books, college can be a very unique and cultural experience.

I hope that your family was supportive and helped you in times of need as well. My father just helped my older brother start a really amazing company here in Pucon. We are the sole distributors in Chile for many of the brands you use in the states.

We found a way to ship and sell for almost the exact same price you can find in the US. Pretty amazing opportunity to change the world and lives of many many chilean people who have never had the chance or money to buy a kayak. It will be growing more every year and, Wam Bam! Got me a job, then I guess I can become a responsible legit member of your so called 3D perceptive of life on this planet.

E.G. said...


I mean come on…I speak fluent spanish and feel like I'm a pretty smart down to earth kid when it comes down to it. I only write about kayaking on egcreekin because it's my "Kayaking" website! That doesn't mean that's all I care about or do with my life. I would put money on me being a better skier, skater, biker, runner, climber, crocheter, photographer, log roller, rope jumper, ugualizer, sand castle builder, partier, love maker, and athlete in general than you will ever be hommie. That is not an egotistic comment I just have a hunch. And I hate when people are so negative…it's just a poor reflection of yourself man.

There could be an exception, but most people who are badasses and content with their lives don't spend hours trash talking on some small scale internet blog. js

People, what I write on this free website I made a long time ago is just what I'm thinking about at the time. I don't sit around all day and plan out what I write. I go into town or stop at coffee shops, get WIFI, grab a orange-mocha-frapachino, and put up some sweeeeettttt shots.

BTW. Sweet Protection paid for my trip to chile this winter…thank you very much! If you don't use a Sweet helmet, you are missing out…they last forever and are so "STEEZY"!

What is there left to say that my friends haven't already said…??? I do also understand that for me to live my lifestyle I live other people have to work their asses off to make it happen. I can't thank the companies that help me do what I do enough. They have been the only reason I have been able to pull this off. My gear sales, videos, and random part time jobs have been enough to pay off my car and scrape by kayaking as much as I can.

I wouldn't get so fired up but this is the second time that someone, not big enough to say there own name, has fully trash talked me and my entire life. Come on, if you put your name up, I would have a completely different vibe going, and maybe listen to what you had to say. I love it though it gives me something to do on a hot pucon afternoon after raft guiding on beautiful chilean rivers all morning.

In the end I never said shit about the other options in life being wrong or lesser in any fashion. I am just pumped on life in general right now. And!!!!!!! I know, technology and plastic is amazing! To think, the tampons you use to stop stains on your white pants while your PMSing about your fucked life, are actually derived from oil found miles under the earths surface….Man, the world we live in is a pretty incredible place. End of my rant…bring the comment battle I dare the...

Later E.G.

Anonymous said...

So that you here it from one of us who is directly involved. My name is Ian, i am evan's older brother. Only by two years, i happen to work my ass off. I run my own business. I sit here in pucon busting my ass all day, while many people do run the globe doing this, we all take turns. I work my time, i make my money and i pay for my tickets and time. I speak for many of us. There is a large group of kayakers out there pushing the envolope. Be it that we are business owners, working on the oil rigs, or part time in kayak shop we all take our turns to pay for our trips, tickets and food. Sorry to burst your bubble but life is a personal choice. Maybe you (anonymous) have chosen a shitty carrier path, sucks for you. If you got problems, you can always decide to make a change. We have chosen this life, and we are all happy

Anonymous said...

ahkya AHKIYAAAAA!!!!

Mark said...

I usually don't enter into many debates as people can speak their mind yet remain anonymous; I don't think the accountability for words spoken here is very high. Regardless, here goes.

I spent December in Chile and met Evan and a lot of other kayakers. Every person I met was kind, friendly, intelligent and, most of all, they were enjoying life.

I am a school principal and am currently working on a masters degree. The masters degree opens up new opportunities with more responsibility and stress. During my conversations with Evan and other kayakers I met, I was reminded of the passion that life should be lived with daily. Admittedly, I had been caught up in the money and 'dreams' of capitalism. Fortunately, I have met people like Evan who have realigned my values.

If I had a choice to do it differently, I think I would go kayaking. In fact, as soon as I can pay off some of the debt associated with the shiny cars, bustling city, and high paying jobs, I will be back in Chile to paddle. Will I 'run the shit' like Evan...probably not but I will take it to the level I am comfortable with at the time.


Turner said...

I would say to any young people wondering about a similar thing in life is do what your passionate about and you have no idea how the money will come. I work a lot these days and a day does not go by that my kayaking contacts and outdoor passions don't help me in business in all dimensions. Even my friends who do construction get business and recommendations from the friends they ski and kayak with. Small, innovative companies can raise money from people they meet on the river, etc.

It's not expensive either, if you don't pay rent for an entire year, you have $5k to travel anywhere in the world. I once surfed couches for all but 6 months out of 4 years. When I told Willie Kern this feet he said he paid rent once in....94? or was it '93? It does'nt take money, just passion.

Who knows what cool ideas and companies can from true passion. College is good to do in between and a pretty damn good party with pretty girls itself. But it is passion that drives people to create new companies and drive new innovations. In this day and age it is passion that creates true value and innovative ideas in the world. The economic and social benefits of a group of charged up young people is huge.
Creekboating is the most intense, focused, calculated, badass sport in the world and the skills developed on the river will help people through their entire life.

Live your passions and you can change the world, instead of letting one narrow perception of the world change you to fit into it.

Adrian Tregoning said...

There's a good saying, "no one ever kicks a dead dog." So, the bigger the waterfalls Evan runs, the more fun he has, the more fans he has, the more certain sad individuals will try to bring him down. That's just human nature. What's worse is the extent to which Mr Anon has gone in his hate speech. Shame, I pity you mate.

Everyone creates their own life. Every day, and at night when your subconscious is still constantly active, you are headed in a certain direction. You cannot blame anybody for where you are right now in life except yourself. Don't try to bring others down because you're bummed about your life and your choices. Jared Seiler hit many nails on the head, nice one!

I'll keep enjoying this blog, the words, and the videos. Keep up the good work. Life is about having fun, and we only go through this once. Enjoy it, smile and be happy. If you're a positive person you'll make that difference in the world. Shiny car or not, curing something or not. You should look at yourself anonymous, damn.

Anonymous said...

Love my wild child!!! Lets see when I was 22 I was a ski bum in Utah Skiied over 100 days that year and found my soul in between stints in the Universities I attended. Soon thereafter I knew I was only cut out for my own path. So after a 5 month river expedition in Canada when I was down to my last 200 bucks I figured out my world.

That was 1977 and I started my own outdoor company in Montana and it still exists today. My boys grew up in the outdoors world in a very beautiful place with easy access to the outdoors. If any of them ended up in a cubicle working I would be shocked as our life was defined by all the natural beauty that we chose to spend our time in.

I have always told my sons that it is only your own hands on your own steering wheel of life. Be honest and kind and follow your chosen path (plus a few detours that look interesting), It may change and take you where you never expected to go but in the end it is your path. Hardly Gibranish but life broken down in simple terms can be quite simple. To Ian Evan and Nathan you are good men with honest eyes for good reasons!! stay on your paths. Do what you do well!! Tu Papa

Anonymous said...

this is hands down the most entertaining kayak blog on the internet, good stuff.

Dennis said...

Evan, lots of talent is wasted on lazy people and few ever dare to test the limits of their own abilities. Nobody can deny that it has taken hard work, pain, moments of great insecurity and sacrifice to achieve what you have and taking arrows in the back from your misguided critics is unfortunately part of that success.

Keep charging kid-


Dennis Steinhauer
Former full-time paddler now overweight, balding, mortgage payer that is working hard in the field of energy efficiency services to make sure that there is a good home for the anonymous, and my kids, long into the future.

Ben Baugh said...


I wouldn't waste your time defending what you do to guys like this. Lots of people enjoy videos that folks like you, the rest of demshitz and the young guns make. You're promoting the locations you go to inspriring travel and supporting a great sport with a great community. Is Sean White wasting his time promoting snowboarding? I don't think so. Recreational sports is an important industry and kayaking is under-represented. Would "anonymous douche" say that a non-profit organization like American Whitewater is a waste? Probably. Because he's an anonymous douche. You're probably making more of a difference to more people sharing kayaking then whoever this guy is and whatever he does. Keep on rockin and thanks for takin me down my first IV creek on the nooksack over the summer with fred.


andrew said...

I am so tired of arm chair enthusiast sitting around on there computer voicing there opinion on the blogs of people who actually live life to the fullest the best way THEY know how. You should be happy doing whatever you do, if your not happy, its your own damn fault. And by the way, people who write a damn essay on someone else's blog criticizing what they do, making jack ass comments like "Some people have a broader scope on life than "running the shit,". Well people who do that are usually easy to identify as the unhappy ones. We get the idea EG. Thanks for the blog and the awesome pics. I love following what you do.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The guy who said that you are all rich little daddies boys is right.

From Jared
"Lets grow up and quit assuming and attacking and bringing money into everything. Spread the love. Maybe something you should think about before you enlighten your children..."

Too much hippy faggotry for me to listen too, you are lucky to live the life you do but dont get ahead of yourself because when you break your face on some knarly drop then you have nothing for a backup plan. Pompous ass young cunties need to learn their place i would fight anyone of these queers on this sight and make them cry from the blows i would send on their faces. chill out pussies and live your life, just dont tell us how to live ours. Faggots.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt be as harsh as this guy ^ but you arent really making a difference in the world, so lose the false notion

J. Ravenna said...

This guy above me makes some very valid and profound points...about fighting...and faggots...and...yeah

Whitewater Ottawa said...


All I can say is I can feel how Evan feels when hes being personally attacked like this.
My parents have always wished for me to have a "career" in the RCMP like my father... Ive been working there for 4 years now sitting at a desk and have gained over 30 pounds...got back pain, numb hands from having to sit down and type all the time.
Ive started paddling last July...Fell in love... started saving money to get me the gear I want.... Training hard to lose weight and perform better... Its -15 celisius in Canada today and guess who was out on the local surfave trying to get his blunts to look solid? ME! yet.. some people that ive been paddling with are hatin' cause I learn quick... But theyre not the ones spending 3 hours on a wave at 15 below zero after a 10 hour shift! I told my boss this week I planned to retire in September so I can go work in Jalcomulco/Veracruz over the winter!? Then head to Pucon to paddle and perhaps meet the guy (Evan), whos 4 years younger than I am, yet...teaching me so much about what Ive been missing trying to "fit in" whats considered "normal" in our society...and that gave me the "balls" To give up my "career" so that I can do what ive always wanted to do but never had the "balls" to. Everyone around me thinks im crazy because apparently at 26 you should be buying a house, a BMW and having kids and a career... But alot of those people that surround me have forgotten or ignored their passion/dreams in order to "fit in"....

All this to say... Im in Canada..its cold...im hammered and I wish I was in Pucon paddling with the Demshitz guys and not have to worry about what some anonymus retard on a blog thinks about the lifestyle other people choose.

Love you all and see you on the water.

John Cyr

Anonymous said...

you should follow evan down any river hes paddles on this blog and drown

Anonymous said...

Fags! Especially Pat & Rush.... Gonna fight you all!!

Anonymous said...

axe wounded vagina bubbles! There... I said it!
With love,

Anonymous said...

Ive never kayaked in my life but i love this

Anonymous said...

"Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values." — Ayn Rand

The hardest thing in the world is to do what you want, keep doin' it EG.

Anonymous said...

ayn rand! i like it!

Anonymous said...

i wish you had to use your real name to post

-john smith

Anonymous said...

Black is the new white!

Anonymous said...

The first symptom of aids is a pounding sensation in the ass!....

just remember...people who comment on blogs go to hell..........

oh fuck...... ctrl+alt+del

Whitewater Ottawa said...

"When a young person is moved by a passion and feels compelled to go on this sort of quest, I think you have to let him. You can't stop him. In our culture we don't have formal rights of passage like in some ancient cultures. Subjecting yourself to risk... may be something you have to go through to be a man or a woman."
— Jon Krakauer

"So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more dangerous to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun."
— Jon Krakauer

"It should not be denied... that being footloose has always exhilarated us. It is associated in our minds with escape from history and oppression and law and irksome obligations, with absolute freedom, and the road has always led West."
— Wallace Stegner

Jared said...

Anonymous Darshes, I got a feeling that your whole family is going down...but right now I gotta work.

Jared said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values." — Ayn Rand
Kayaking can become "mindless self-indulgence" if you let it. Not saying it is for you, but don't let it.
-Just another anonymous biatch

Paula V said...

Dear anonymous poster who is so mad about Evan enjoying his life. I went to university and law school and now work at the biggest law firm in Europe. Let me tell you that 'real life' is full of very unhappy young people who have absolutely no perspective on life. There are 25 year old young women who I work with who have had all their hair fall out and get mental health problems from the environment I work in. They can't see past the accepted path in society that everything should be about working 100 hour weeks and shiny new cars.

Being happy in your own life is something we should all aim for. With the attitude you seem to have, I doubt whether your unhappiness with your lot will give your kids any kind of that balanced perspective that you claim to have.

I doubt very much that Evan will lie on his deathbed and wish he had worked more. It sounds like you have a lot of regrets.

Do what makes you happy and don't hate on other people who have achieved that when you haven't! As papa Garcia said - it is only your own hands on your own steering wheel of life. If you are unhappy with your life, change it. Don't be mean on the Internet.

E.G. said...

“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” -Abe Lincoln

who wants to make my pussy ass cry by giving me blows to the face? that is fucking hilarious...you are def just a little punk who has no love ya life...and by the way I never said I was making a difference...I'm not. I'm just at the far end of the spectrum from where ever these haters reside...that do nothing more than flick pens and punch numbers. More updates coming soon...I have just been stuck in a party, girl, boating siphon and have been lazy, but comment wars are awesome chuck! & Crusha brought up a good point...

"I’m blind to you Haters
Can’t touch me war instigators
Mi say, where is the love lately
Mi say, how the world a run so
Say I’m blind to you Haters
Can’t touch me rumor creators
Mi say, where is the love lately
Ask you how the world a run so." -collie budz

Jonathan said...

This is Matt Dill,

I want to just address this to the highly educated "anonymous" tard who threatened everyone on here. So my number is 864-554-2572 and Evan is a friend of me and my brother Big D from the paddlebillyz, I will meet you anywere and anytime so you can actually show us all what a badass you are. I will bring my gopro and film it so we can put a face to the shit talker who thinks he is a badass..

Anonymous said...

Sure, they might not be making a difference to the world, but think about it, not many people really are. To ordinary kayakers like most of the people who would read this blog, and many other blogs like it, it gives us some inspiration to think that one day, maybe I'll get to do something like that, or to give us something to get us through to that boating mission the next weekend.

Haters gonna hate, keep the updates coming

Anonymous said...

"Pompous ass young cunties" is deff something a mature older person would say, aswell as hippy faggotry, queers, knarly, and faggots. wisely spoken by a true dumbass.
keep up the good work EG, the pics and video keep me goin through shoulder surgury downtime.
-Dustin Hinkle

Woody said...

I've been around the kayaking world for a long, long time and have seen kayakers come and go. When I was young my grandfather gave me some advice. He said "Forrest, play as long as you can because you are only on this planet one time". I took it to heart and so has Evan. Anonymous... Who the hell are you to rant about someone else's life or their passion because you read something they wrote and filled in between the lines to obtain a deeper meaning than was implied. Do your thing and Evan will do his.
And if somewhere sometime you meet on the river know this... Evan will do everything in his power to save your weak kayaking ass even if its putting his own in danger.. Woody

Jason said...

Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous...if that is your real name!?

I find it interesting that you are seeking enlightenment on a kayaking blog. I guess you found some though, it moved you enough to type a very well thought out insult. Your also obviously a kayaker though, who came to this blog to look at good kayakers running big whitewater and taking good photos of it. That's why I look at it. You probably have your own blog.

What is it that you do that is so meaningful and good? Put a link to your blog enlighten us, maybe some us us "dudes" will read it.

Do you also visit other kayaking blogs or other blogs in general and criticize people, does that make you feel good about yourself?

Why is it your so interested in where someone gets their money to but plane tickets and travel? May I suggest a self-help blog so you can learn to except the "concious choices" you made in your life, and be OK with it.

Don't take your self so serious, it's not your job to to tell people they need to live a balanced, enriched life. Or what ever the point of your criticism was.

Anonymous said...

First of all, fuck you haters.
Lets take a look around, there are more people on here speaking out on how much they enjoy living vicariously through Evan's blog then there are saying he is a spoiled trust funder. This "kid' loves to kayak. Thats all.

Second, this comment?

"Pompous ass young cunties need to learn their place i would fight anyone of these queers on this sight and make them cry from the blows i would send on their faces. "
Its funny you choose to stay anonymous with words as strong as these. Im pretty sure just Jared alone would make you run to daddy. We dont call him the little devil for nothing.

The amount of support Evan has is unreal, Ride Proud out there EG.

The Joo
(Isaac levinson) so if the Anonymous dickhead wants to fight you can look me up.
Ohh wait, your going to be behind a desk getting told want to do by your boss. Myself on the other hand will be in New Zealand, kayaking, Having fun Like Ian said (we all get our turn) but you never will.
All the best...you hater.

Suit to Drysuit said...

I have a high paying job in the big city. I don't want a fancy car but I could have one. My boating rig is pretty sweet though.

If I didn't have kayaking in my life, I would feel completely unfulfilled. Without it, I'd be another douchebag in a suit ready to take your money. I am strapped with the golden handcuffs of a secure future, health coverage, and the ease of not living paycheck to paycheck. My peers at work forge their identity by buying expensive cars and handbags and bringing their families to resort towns and social events. I find it a pathetic existence of trying to one-up each other. It's all about creating the illusion of superiority. If they have family money, they are trust funders. If they earned their money, they are nouveau riche. Your BMW is last years model. This year's BMW isn't the Bentley. Your last name isn't Rockefeller.

To my peers, a visit to South America would be no different than a trip to the Hamptons except for the silly customs of the hired help. Kayaking has introduced me to the mountain dwelling hillbillies of this country and others. It has given me a perspective on my fellow human beings that guides my ethical decisions in the office. I find it appalling to witness the disconnection of business decisions from the people that they affect. How many energy traders have met a coal miner in West Virginia? The trader that places market moving bets on food. The banker that markets predatory loan products to "the sub-prime market." Tiered services, planned and perceived obsolescence, churn and burn, and on and on...

That cancer curing biologist works for big pharma and corporate politics blur the ethical line of whether he is doing good for humanity or capitalizing on the huge cancer industry.

Daily, I wish I had the guts to walk away from it all and go kayaking. I would not be financing innovation or developing a cancer cure. I also would not be swindling the poor and marketing toxic chemicals to the sick. The fact is, most people in those positions don't weigh heavily whether they do good or bad. They just want their quarterly number to look good so they can rub elbows with the CEO in Orlando this winter.

I don't hold the lofty illusion that my college degree and fancy job make me better than my fellow man. To the contrary, I view these Demshitz paddlers as intelligent, worldly individuals that have beat the system. They sacrifice a degree of security to live their life while they are young. I hope their experience pays dividends when they can no longer run against the grain of society.

If it were not for Demshitz's social media and video coverage, how many well-to-do paddlers would think of Chile as a kayaking destination? By extension, their predecessors put Norway, Zambia, Costa Rica, and many other places on the map for American kayakers. They allow local whitewater industry to grow in these areas. At 22, Evan has had more of a positive impact on this planet than I did getting drunk with sorority girls by that age.

I don't know Evan personally but I harbor no resentment towards his ilk. I wish I had the balls to do it. I think he's going to achieve success by whatever measure he sets for himself. I'm sure he'll be more fulfilled than any of the college educated captains of industry I've come across in my life.

J. Wells said...

This may sound a little old school, but I'm old. Edward Abbey always said it best for me...

"One final paragraph of advice: do not burn yourselves out. Be as I am - a reluctant enthusiast.. a part-time crusader, a half-hearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While it's still here. So get out there and hunt and fish and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, encounter the griz, climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rivers, breathe deep of that yet sweet and lucid air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness, that lovely, mysterious and awesome space. Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain in your head and your head firmly attached to your body, the body active and alive, and I promise you this much: I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound people with their hearts in a safe deposit box and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this: you will outlive the bastards".

csmooth said...

EG: Post more photos!

Anonymous: Rant much? I like money. But I like kayaking more. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

c smooth out.

Tyler Bradt said...

EG, Boys, Anonymouses out there;

"You can have your shiny cars, bustling cities, and high paying jobs...I think I'll stay right here. "

Damn right EG.

The pursuit of money, small elegant boxes to live in, viewing the world through a similar but smaller elegant box, and classifying your social status through monetary means and you're physical possessions, and raising your family to believe in the same shit even if you are curing cancer is contributing a greater cancer that the world is dealing with right now.

With the world population exponentially expanding while sucking the earth dry of natural resources and greed polarizing the wealth into the top 1% of the world's population, 1st anonymous, consider yourself and others like you the true cancer of the world.

At the end of the day it is people like EG who will have lived a fulfilling life. Because living simply, and having fun, and projecting this lifestyle and positivity into the world is in itself contributing curing the EARTH'S cancer. Try appreciating the world and respecting the world in its simplest detail. Put yourself in the bottom of a box canyon and feel the power of the world as you look up through centuries of carved rocks. Connect to this planet and feel yourself as a part of it. You will find our high paced lives, breading like rabbits and trying to figure out how we can all live longer and have more shit is the true cancer. Once you can figure out that the meaning of life isn't "shiny cars, bustling cities, and high paying jobs" than you might to be able to relate to EG on his level, not trying to grasp it from the depths of the darkest existence. You want to cure cancer? You think that is the highest level of existence? Wake up, stop what the fuck you are doing, eat more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and go have fun and learn to appreciate and connect with the world you live in. Oh, and strap on a fucking jimmy when you do find someone as silly as yourself to go shag.

Truly yours,

Uncle Horse Cock

grow up!! said...

yeah right...living simply...dudes, what does that mean??!

2 not have shiney stuff, a car, a house, monetary wealth and such??:..ohh, wait...dont you guys run around with HD cameras, apple laptops, 2010/2011 boats..?! To me that is far away from simple, its right next to monetary wealth. Just different shiney stuff...however you are able to afford it. Some work for it, some steal, some beg.

As long as all of you COMPARE you all havent figured out much.

What the Chuck said...

As someone who actively, on a daily basis, works to save the world, in a real, substantive way (and I'm not looking for props -- it's what I do -- just in the Philippines working on mangrove restoration to protect those folks from hurricanes as well as the ecosystem) every morning, I get up in the morning and read Eric's blog.

Because I was that age once, though not quite the paddler of course (ran my share of time-appropriate 30-years-ago stouts, yeah!), and I need the inspiration.

Because when I'm getting yelled at by some bureaucrat, or fighting yet another seemingly interminable hurdle in the process, I NEED that vicarious experience of sliding down El Diablito WITH a sense of humor. Cuz there's just not enough laughs in this big ole' world.

Love the helmet-cams, the great shots. Keep 'em coming -- and I'll keep on working on saving that there world. Your day will come, my young vicarious friends. I'm glad for your love.


Dane Hollinger said...

Oh man this is unreal. That guy got so upset. He must have been having one shitty day. Just wanted to say keep on keepin on because I live vicariously through this blog. If it makes that guy feel any better I live in Montana, don't have a job, and ski everyday. Oh and I graduated from college, that will really fuck with his head. I should start blogging about it and see how pissed he can get. Wishin I was there with you boys.


Michael said...

If you have any "feel" for the real world of how shit works, you need to shut the FUCK up. I don't know what you do for a living, and I don't give a shit. WE ARE STOKED YOU ARE A BOATER, at least we were. Manning tosses a pig skin and makes MILLIONS of dollars, FOOTBALL players "BLOG" about their "BENTLEYS" and are the most over paid athletes in the entire world. I BUILD and I am an ENGINEER for majority of all wind energy production sites in the US. I support TB and EGcreekin and what he does two thousand fold.

The Garcias and the rest of the crew are finding funding to do what they love to do. Do you have kids? Are they looking up to Manning or are they looking up to the Gracias or the Brandts or the Steve Fischers of the sport? Have you met any of the Garcias? NO! These boys are killing it and letting us know what is there to be done. I KNOW THAT ANYTIME I AM DOWN WITH THESE BOYS THEY WILL BE MORE THAN WILLING TO SHOW ME THE DROPS! AND THEY WOULD DO THE SAME TO ANY STRANGER! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?!?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO SAVE RIVERS???? YOU ARE READING AN AMAZING BLOG (ARE YOU EVEN AN AW MEMBER???} and for that you might give a shit. But you need to realize that these boys are surviving. You are a TOOL for starting this argument. Look into AFRICAN REV TOUR, what are YOU doing to make rivers known for your kids?? Bitchen and complaining doesn’t get you far. I am an honest, easing going as should you but YOU MANAGED TO PISS ME OFF, YOU ARE A DOUCHE.

Im jealous too., these boys live an amazing life!!! Every sport needs a top notch athlete in order for it to work. I have my tick list of drops to northern midswest and I look up to the “DEMSHITZ” boys for beta. These boys CARE about the safety of other boaters, they CARE about clean lines. THEY CARE about solid boofs about people they have never met, THEY CARE ABOUT THE SPORT and SAFE CREEKIN’. Im stoked on knowing my trip to the upper Cherry is gonna be solid based on EG and paddlers who know their shit, UNLIKE YOU. GET OVER YOURSELF. You might be a legit paddler, BUT DON’T EXPECT A ROUND OF BEERS IN PUCON! These boys WILL DRAG YOUR ASS OUT WHEN YOU HAVE TWO BREATHS OF AIR, these boys are true boaters, UNLIKE YOURE POTENTIOUS MONEY MOTIVATED ASS. Thank them now or when your about to die.

When I have my first born I want my kids to look forward to seeing what the Garcias and what DEMSHITZ has done for the world of boating. The Economy of boatin is based on these guys who push the limits. As any sport, THIS IS WHY YOU ARE QUESTIONABLE! YOU TOOOOOOLE!

You need to recognize that these are the paddlers that are keeping this sport alive. If you have an issue, I honestly think you should sell your boats and get off the river, because I don’t want to be the man to pull your bloated white body out…and I don’t want to be the guy to save ass on a simple class five, and if YOU are a TRUE paddler, RIVER KARMA IS A BITCH.

Steve said...

these boys lead an amazing live??

no. they dont.

they bust around the globe in planes, unaware how much they contribute to global warming. IGNORANT. Yeah, right - save a river, hoho. Boat locally, shut up.

Louis Dionne said...

Wow! Lots of bad vibes flying back and forth.

15 years ago, I recall having a similar reaction to "anonymous" to a joe-smuck's presentation about living in a pickup and hard rock climbing every day. Back then, I missed the rock climbing and the adventures of younger days and resented his bragging being caught in my own little life and little problems - making money and raising kids and not enjoying life as much as I should.

A bit more than 4 years ago I started to paddle and been enjoying tremendously the adventures and the spice it brought to my life.

Reading E.G's blog and others like him, have been a real inspiration.
To the point that I just came back from a kayaking trip to Pucon. What a great adventure! Met nice locals people and none local paddlers, ran several of the beautiful rivers that Fred, E.G and other Demshitz boyz have been portraying.

You don't have to go to Chile to put some merken spice into your life, but it sure beats attending long dull meeting and worrying about mortgage payments all the time.

That little climbing punk made me realize I needed to go out there again and have some fun to balance out my life. Out of this, I think I am a better coworker/father/mortgage payer/paddler. Still ways to go, things to discover...about myself, people and the world around me.

Just another Canuck with apparently nothing better to do at the moment than watching the snow falling following a great day of snowboarding yesterday with my kids...

Anonymous said...

I think all of us need a fucking reality check... We are lucky as hell to have been born into this kind of wealth, with this kind of infrastructure, with this kind of technology, with this kind of equipment, with these incredibly refined techniques....
We owe it all to fucking Big Business and I hate big business. I hate how I must depend on their complex world every damn day. But it boils down to this: We can drag Corporate America and all the rest of the stereotypical manifestations of greed, wealth and power through the mud all day long, but come supper time, that gnawing in our little bellys will have us all cleaning the underside of that same greasy, pig with our big, sloppy mouths in the hopes of sucking off a squirt from mommaconomy's swollen teet.
This type of sporting and leisure is nearly unprecedented in human history. Guys and gals with unearned safety nets and financial back-up, please just respect where that came from and know you are merely luckier yet. Enjoy it for the rest of us and report back often. As kayakers, we should all be as humbled by our good fortune as we are by the nature of the roiling waters we have come to love. We are all fortunate sons and daughters, with expensive computers and web access, at a bare minimum... Let us fix our eyes downstream, toward the future and boof the shiznit out 'dat brownest of brown horizon lines together. Who knows? Maybe there will be more cake for us to bitch about in the eddy below...

samuel.freihofer said...

i say why not huh?? more fun paddling than being an angry prick who picks fun at kids...

E.G. said...

once again I will say. "i have this site for the love of the sport and river"...i also happen to love the whole community of boaters I met all over the world. If you don't like my blog...don't read it...i am gonna do what I do and not give a shit if people mistake the words and opinions I portray on this site. Stop the hating, we do live a cool life, it maybe superficial, but fuck life is short...you only got one shot...live it to the fullest.


Whitewater Ottawa said...

Hey look! think I found your Haterz!


In all seriousness though... theyre not even funny. Theyre imitation of Rush is TERRIBLE!

Anonymous said...

Is might just be me, but the writing style of the anonymous hater in both this thread and the banks mag article sounds allot like someone whose name starts with a D and ends with and oug ammons. just sayin.

Either way EG, don't stress on it. haters gonna hate.

Anonymous said...

great blog evan!!! DONT CHANGE A THING! keep stompin the drops, runnin the brown, and living life the way you love to live life! to those of you who found his comments so offending or who are jealous of him being able to travel the world and kayak it---LIGHTEN UP AND TOUGH SHIT! i see a young man living life to its fullest and gaining experience/education in a way no school/classroom could provide...kudos to EG for making his own school and dancing to the beat of his own drummer...jamie maxwell-whitefish, MT

Epicuro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Epicuro said...

I liked your sentence: "You can have your shiny cars, bustling cities, and high paying jobs...I think I'll stay right here."
It's a great sentence. Must write it on a kayak.
Better than "working on a cure for cancer" is get a life that do not produce cancer. Problems should be avoided, not solved.

Anonymous said...

Hey Epicuro,

Your statement that people should just "get a life that does not produce cancer" is one of the most ignorant and disrespectful statement I've ever fucking heard.

I'd say the original critic was targeting that exact flavor or arrogant ignorance with his or her statement.

The idea that people "choose" cancer is the reason that narrowminded morons like yourselves will never get it.

Many people who distance themselves from every possible source of cancer get it themselves.

Why don't you get a life that does not produce total fucking ignorance?

Epicuro said...

Hey kid check it out this points:

1 - Most of cancers are result of exposure to toxic elements. If you live in a bustling and polluted city of course your probabilities to get cancer and die is much higher than if you are "running the chit" in unpolluted rivers.
Probably your cancer research are useless to people that don't live in the bustling cities that cause those cancers.

2 - This kids are pioneers in this new way of living, closer to nature and far away of polluted cities. And they enjoy more of the life with less objects, than the your suburbans clients.
If this kids (with their pictures) bring more people to the nature to "running the shit" they will take out more people from the toxic zone that produce cancer. So this kids probably help more people to don't have cancer than your scientific research. And with a much more enjoyable way than your toxic stuff, produced to get money to pharmaceutics industries.

3 - For each solution that scientific community produces, they create ten new problems. The planet is destroyed by the problems that results from the scientific solutions.
So,help yourself and the others, sell your toxic stuff buy a kayak and go "running the shit" to cool natural places.

Probably you will die in a drop, but at least you will not die from cancer. :)

Take care, enjoy you life because nobody will do that for you.

Anonymous said...

"New way of living". Pioneers? Give me a break. The vast majority of human existance, which has been plagued by cancer, has existed outside of the cities you describe. Cancer chances are increased with exposure to certain "elements" as you put it, but there is much more to be understood. I have a friend that died of cancer who pretty much lived off the grid, in the middle of nowhere, and had a way smaller footprint that these guys. From your response, it is clear that your ignorance is well insulated by your own contrived rationalizations and small world.

"Probably your cancer research are useless to people that don't live in the bustling cities that cause those cancers." - boy, what a rediculous statement. I am glad you at least put that "probably" word in there so you only sounded 99% full of crap. It must be so easy to know so much when you know so little. You guys just create your own little world, make sure there is a real big fence around it to keep all the truth and suffering of the world out, and then you're able to rationalize your own significance. Sorry, but with the crumbling of the wall the winds of truth utterly wipe clean your attempts to validate your epicurean hermitage.

You sound like some kind of conspiracy theorist. As if all the "scientific research" occuring on cancer is just some elusive front created to make a bunch of rich evil doers richer. That research has saved millions of lives. Not to mention that many of your fellow stalwarts of narrow living would never boat again without the medical services and equipment they have utilized to get back in shape after epic crashes.

No matter how hard you try, you can't separate yourselves from the world. We're all in this together.

"For each solution that scientific community produces, they create ten new problems. The planet is destroyed by the problems that results from the scientific solutions." Without the "scientific community", you wouldn't be typing this, you wouldn't have a kayak, you wouldn't have a car. You would be spending all day everyday surviving. You think that you are apart from it but you aren't. The truth is that there are at least 1 billion people on this planet who are without modern science. Their teeth fall out by mid thirties and they are dead by 50. Disease is a constant threat, and feeding and surviving and reproducing are all they think about. Your simple minded analysis is an insult to those who really live off the grid in this world.

The grid is neither good nor bad. It just is. Through typing, driving, kayaking, and most of the other things you do, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Being part of the solution can be going kayaking, and showing the blogosphere what you do. Sometimes though, you might find, if you throw narcissism aside for one moment, that very often, the most effective ways to really help the world with its problems ends up being a little less fun than running waterfalls everyday.

By the way, the plastic in every kayak you have ever broken is a toxic, cancer pod. Keep digging though. Turn up the beats loud enough, smoke enough weed, and keep the adrenaline flowing full bore, and you just might be able to stay in denial your whole life.

Ignorance is bliss.

Epicuro said...

I have a bliss-stick kayak.

You are a funny barbarian. It's a petty that you don't speak a civilized language.

Why don't you go speak about the benefits of science to Japan. You can speak about the amazing benefits of nuclear scientific solutions to them.
Make a blog with the pictures of the people getting yours cancer treatments, and send to Japan to they know their amazing future of scientific progress. And leave this blog to us, who don't care a shit for your science.

"Carpe diem" barbarian

Anonymous said...

You should change your name to Hypocuro, because you are a hypocrite. If you can't see that, there is nothing more I can say.

Enjoy your tiny little world.

E.G. said...

fight over this shit on facebook my email is getting clogged up with wars about the cause of cancer...no one really knows how some people get cancer it's just in their DNA...ok kayak talk from now on...on this blog the world in tiny and small, all about kayaking...out there off your computer you can live large scale, but here you will only find kayaking...sorry :(

Doug Ammons said...

A friend told me I was mentioned on this site, so I took a look.
I am not the 'anonymous' poster, nor did I write the Banks magazine letter about EG. When I heard about the letter, it was from two younger friends who thought I might have written it, and I assured them I don't do things that way. I called the Banks Mag people, asked what was going on, and they refused to tell me who the writer was. I then got EG's address from Tyler Bradt, and emailed him to tell him I thought it was bullshit, and especially so without the guy giving his name. So, everybody - I do not post anonymously ever, I do not call people fags, and I do not ask them for fights. I would never willingly get in the middle of pointless mudthrowing like this, so it's absurd somebody thinks I'm the "anonymous" poster. EG - can you post that email I sent you?

I have my own opinions about what's going on in the sport, and nobody has to agree with me. I think that EG and the others are fantastic boaters and they are helping show what is possible, which is an education for everybody. I live a different lifestyle, but what they do is up to them. The sport should unite people, not make them spit at each other. At the same time, we really need to be open enough to consider ideas from all over the map,and be willing to think about things instead of get defensive.
The guys who think I'm the one posting bullshit just need to call me, 406-274-0647, or email: douga@dougammons.com. I have always been willing to talk to anybody, any time, about anything. If I have an opinion, I state it and use my name.
EG should just keep on keeping on with what he does best. All this uproar about what some coward posted on a site he didn't have to read, is unnecessary and pointless. I have been insulted and attacked by people who were similar cowards, posting under aliases, and it's annoying, but if they aren't willing to come forward, then its their character flaw and I'm not going to worry about them.
I'm glad everybody feels strongly about the sport and ready to defend their friend, but really, get a grip. There's no need to do all this spewing. Just paddle your hearts out and have fun - I mean, isn't that the point? Just turn your back on the bullshit and do what you love. And please, watch out who you accuse because innocent people don't like being dragged into something they didn't do.
So go fire it up guys. Spring runoff is here.
Doug Ammons