Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Eye of the Ass

One of the best runs in the world lies in the eastern Andes mountains just south of Bariloche. Coming from huge glaciers and pristine lakes the Rio Ojo de Culo (Eye of the Ass) is one of the cleanest and most sought after runs in South America. With a bit of luck and motivation we got to rally down south away from the Pucon siphon and enjoy this river for the 4th year in a row. Meeting up with local boaters Matias Nunez and Diego Rodriguez we had a sick crew out and about to get on this epic classic. Enjoy the shot from myself and Diego.

Bariloche, Rio Negro Argentina.

"We just exited the ojo of the culo." -Evan Garcia. Quoted from this awesome old video Chile/ARG 2008!

The local boys in too deep! Look at that water, fully drinkable.

Fred, Jake, and I stoked on the hike to the put-in.

Jake stomping out Brennan Guth's falls on the Ojo.

Me coming hot into the Cali drop...the Argentinian boaters call this one "Heaven or Hell."

Matias, Jake, Fred, and I above the crux of the Ojo de Culo.

A new angle of the Cali drop...really cool sliding falls.

Matias, the local charging down some of the steep manky at the end of the goods.

There are waterfalls like this that do exist in the real life...they are in south america come enjoy them.

Matias running the brown, and avoiding the brown wall.

Our crew enjoying a beautiful sunset coming out of a glorious of valley.

Hands down this is one of my top 10 favorite rivers in the world...and I have done a lot of rivers, so that's saying something. Can't wait until the next time I get lucky and go back to the Ojo...Next time I am doing what I did last year and camping out for days, doing laps, and kicking it in one of the most amazing places down here.

Later E.G.

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