Saturday, December 18, 2010

Turbio for the boys

Well this season has been epic so far! This rad little day came somewhere in between a Palguin day and a flooded Carhuello huckfest. We arrived at the closest river to Pucon to find a perfect flow that only comes around once in a blue moon. Hiking to the put-in falls and seeing the perfect level we knew we were in for some treats. The whole entire crew had rallied and we were ready to get on it!

The top drop on the Turbio is one of the dopest rapids you can find in the valley. The thang starts off with a huge 30 foot boof into a very shallow pool, followed directly by some big chunky slides and holes for a few hundred meters. A Demshitz dream, perhaps! So we all got in a huge line and one by one ran the beast. What a great day! It was Lj's second day in town and we had Kyle Dickman along for some photos as he is writing a story for Canoe & Kayak magazine. It will be pretty funny to see how that one turns out, we made a good impression of how the Pucon life goes down.

The Whole drop, minus the big slide to boof.

Jared running the nasty drop we normally walk, but looked good at this level.

Kyle Dickman getting some Chilean strokes and vertical feet done.

Rodrigo Tushner scouting and watching the boys fire the brine.

Jared laughing after his second run of the stout...good times.

MMMMMMMM HUMMMMMM!!!!!! Sliding on the Turbio.

Dropping in bro!

Jared firing up a sick stylie freewheel.

Gramos "El Nation" bombiendo el estout en el rito Turbio con estilo gringo.

Erik Johnson with similar steeze off such nice waterfall.

Jared browning the stout! On some new shit.

Heading right to the lip of one of the most rarely run drops on the area.

Rodrigo boofing off the flower drop at the take out of the Turbio.

Gramos stroking through the pot hole drop.

So it was great day to say the least, just another day in the life. Demshitz are here and we are doing it right! The turbio is a rare run that only runs with lots of rain so after this day we had many more options for rivers to do. Much more to come that we have already done, I am just once again behind on my blog updates.

Later E.G.

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