Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting silly in Chile

So after arriving in Santiago I rallied directly to Pucon, like always. When I here nobody was around??? Then all the bitches showed up and were ready to Rally. My first day back I ran Todo Nevado with Rodrigo, Erik, and Ian...setting the pace for the trip we have followed suit with 3 Demshitz's drop runs, 2 Middle Palguins, Puesco, Tres Saltos, and an unbelievable stout on the Carhuello yesterday.

Rains have brought the rivers up and have given us the opportunity to get on some new flooded shitz, so I will have some updates to come. None of these pictures have really been edited, but you get the point.

Running the DS drop my first day back in town. So good to be back here falling once again.

Stout 10! This is the entry boof if you decide to run it into the big boy on the Middle Palguin. Make sure you get it!

Anton, The big Swed, Paddle tossing off the Middle Palguin at a high side of good flow.

Jared's first day back in Pucon...browning the Demshitz drop? I had to rappel to get this close to the lip, but the shots are worthy.

Erik Johnson seal-launching into the "Middle"...#2 for him!

What better than a day at the Hot Springs? When the rains are falling and your body is sore from stouting... Nothing.

Gramos chilling in the hot springs up the Upper Liucura river.

So yeah pretty much the standard shit...but what is better than that? I love Chile and the rivers here feel like home. We are having a great time and as always time is flying by. All the boys are back in town and it feels like the old that I mean like 2 years ago. Everybody hanging out, going boating, going out, and living life. Stay tuned for when I really get some shots edited and up!

Later E.G.

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Bryan Owen said...

awesome evan. chile is such an amazing country. wish i could roll down, run the mierda, and drink escudo with you boyz. get after it juevon. bryan