Friday, June 18, 2010

Shasta Steeze

This is a bit of a double update...First and foremost, I would like to say that all of this summers footage will be going to the next Shasta Boyz film Slippery When Wet. Shon Bollock has been making movies for some time now and I will be putting in a whole "EG" segment into his new flic. It should be a good one...personal funny segments focusing on each athlete. Check out his site

Back to this update now. We were in Mt. Shasta, his home town, and the flows were right to run the biggest drop on the Mccloud River. The rest of Cali has gotten HOT!!!! The water has risen to new heights, and we are all scared, so it we came up north once again. First stop on PNW “Tour de Stout” was the McCloud falls in Mt. Shasta California for a park and huck special. The middle falls of this river is the biggest and rarely has the water to scrape off it. With some rain and warm bursts of weather we got there and the drop looked very friendly. T’was a fast low angle slide off maybe a 40-45 foot free fall, this is what we’ve been looking for. A few pre-breakfast laps off this thing, which I don;t like to do because I like eating! However, the huck set us straight and got us ready to head to Oregon once again! Enjoy the wonderful photos by Candace Sanders…

Most of the year the Middle falls looks a lot like this. Fit for a cool tourist picture or bathing place for naked hippies. Not this time! We showed up to a drop that was full of beautiful green cold serum.

Getting some good speed I came off the lip hot and spotted my landing before throwing my paddle and tucking up.

This is such a fun place to be...launching big air off a roosting stout! Demshitz likes stouts.

Leaving California is never easy and I never want to do it, but this time we had a goal and some serious rain water to work with. Good things have happened so far, so keep your eyes out for the next few updates coming soon.

Later E.G.

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Adayak said...

Wow that's some high flow - doesn't even look like the same waterfall.