Saturday, June 26, 2010

The New Celestial Falls

I was going on and on about how much I love the Metlako falls on Eagle creek this last week and I saw something on the Internet where Clay Wright called it "The New Celestial". This gave me a good chuckle! For those who don't know what that is check this out Celestial Falls.

Back a few years ago people would come from all over the world to run one of the biggest falls around. 40 foot Celestial that that things have changed in to a bigger more ballsy realm, 85 foot Metlako has taken its place as the new clean big drop that everyone wants to fall off. It was a good comparison.

So being right up our ally at this time of the year all warmed up in our kayaks and all we threw a fit to go up there and get on the falls after such a reviving rain in the Columbia Gorge. So Shannon Carroll, Myself, and Griff all walked our boats up the Eagle creek tail to fins a very inviting high flow to drop this STOUT. So brown we ran...

This is an amazing scouting shot that Charley Munsey took of me. Very Beautiful light and composition.

Myself bows up ready to release the paddle and tuck it up. Candace got on belay and rapped down to a few feet below the lip to catch this angle...I think it payed off.

Shannon becoming the third lady to ever run this takes a lot of nerv to go up there and commit to dropping this thing.

Great line by Her and great shot by Candace. She will be getting a photography site up very I will be able to link to that with in a few weeks. She has so many photos that I haven't been able to show yet.

This was my third time running this fall and it felt bigger than ever. I tossed the paddle to not get any rip back or take the chance or breaking my paddle. Afterwards, I sat at the bottom to watch Shannon and Grif stick this monster beaut as well. Nothing better than sharing some smiles as the bottom of a stout with some friends. I have run Metlako in 2008, 2009, and now 2010, it has become and annual huck for me, but I'm always scared the day and night before running it. Good day and great action...Can't wait till tomorrow :)

Later E.G.

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carsonquam said...

Haha "the new celeste falls" - Only 50 feet HIGHER. I would love to run eagle creek one day.