Sunday, July 19, 2009

7/17/09 L-Dub

So as the summer moves along and the weather keeps getting warmer daily... there is still one place where we can hide from this cruel world. The same old O.G. river we do all the time... But there is nothing to complain about. When thinking of favorite river around the world. You just can't even try and compare them to this gem. It's just not fair.

So what we did was lay some on um'.... what you ask? Treats I say.

The Coug boofing sackers ledge... let it go let it flow.

The Skippler chillin' below S-turn.... what is life all about.

Wilie running back ender... my man.

Lj running the Bowie's hotel hole... getting in to the good shiiiat.

Steeze is an ease when flowin' with deeze.

Myself running some spirit falls... bad photo good place to be.

Big cities and bright lights... short days and long nights... no stress and no strife... I'm high off living the life. NF Payette, then I'm off to SLC for some O.R. show madness.

The 9 to 5 Husum falls rafting with the Ball Stars.

Later E.G.


Davis Gove said...

Wiley resurrected the aids nomad, I like.

Anonymous said...

I do cocaine.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck eG where the new stout updates?