Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Oyo de Culo

So sorry for the lack of updates on the site the last 2 weeks.... I have been busy and lazy for sure. But once again egcreekin will rise up and conquer the internet world of kayak porn.

So I left everyone at the Manso gorge afer we fired up the hug stout in there. That night we ate some very bad pizza and drove deep in the mountains to a beautiful valley where we settled for the night. The following morning we hiked out asses off and got in to the goods at about 12 pm.... it wasn't too bad.

From there we enjoyed one of the most classic pieces of whitewater in the area no doubt. a cool double drop, sliding 40, 10 to 30, slide, gorge, 15 to 40ish, and a bunch of mank out the bottom. The level was way lower than my last time in there but it was well worth the sweat and tears to get in there again. Enjoy a few shots of the day from Pat Rogers......

Ricky falling out of the 40 foot ojo de culo gorge.

T.M. Ben running the split falls without the entry due to lack of water.

The ojo has mad game possibly one of the most beautiful and greatest rivers in the world.

We then went to Futa for a week+ stay tuned for a nice upadte on that as well...

Later E.G.


Fred Norquist said...

Yarrr brine balll demshitz ran the shitters and killed it.

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